Maori leaders called to talks after Key veto

“Down boy, heel”, is what John Key has apparently told Pita Sharples when he announced he wanted to travel to Fiji as part of the Maori delegation. While he may legally have the right to do so it only goes to show how far up John Key’s ass the Maori Party leadership has managed to […]

Greens slam Maori Party voting

From now on the name “Maori party” equals the “Party of shame”.  What do they think they are doing voting for a fining system to curb truancy while they know that it is going to be the poorer Maori’s who are going to get hit by this? What do they think they are doing stealing […]

Firing At Will And Firing Up Broadband

A much more moderate but equally damning opinion on the Maori party leadership’s sell out to the rich white pricks than the rant I gave yesterday. So much for due consideration to an important change to workplace rights. The new government will be ramming through its 90 day probationary period for new workers under urgency. […]