Open Letter To Kim Dotcom: It Was Cognitive Dissonance That Made National Win

In the aftermath of the disastrous election results I decided to put my thoughts on paper in an open letter to Kim Dotcom. Kim Dotcom who has taken on the habit of penance for thinking that it was he who lost MANA the elections. I beg to differ. So here goes. Dear Kim, You don’t […]

Cunliffe’s Policies: First Over The Line By Stealth!

The idea of MMP is of course that groups outside of the two big blocks get a chance to be represented too. It is meant to allow political changes in opinions and needs to change countries peacefully and through elected representatives. At least that is more or less how it has worked over the last […]

Arrests and police abuse during Glenn Innes eviction protests

Update: search #OANZ on twitter for news. Police are being accused of brutality Glen Innes, Auckland while protesters have been reportedly beaten and the Mana Movement’s co-vice president and activist, John Minto has been beaten and arrested.Eye witnesses at the evictions called it a “massacre” by the police. Read more

Mana enhancing and $3000 truancy fines

This is what bomber from the Tumeke blog has to say about the doulbe whammy just dealt to the poor and bullied. I couldn’t have said it better myself. thanks Bomber for fighting the good fight. So we have one of the most bullied school populations in the world and we have just passed under […]