On Chemtrails and Geo-engineering: A Rich Guy Or Corporation Could Do It, There Is No Regulation. Seems To Me Somebody Already Is!

There is no agreed-upon institution to oversee such an effort, and no rules to govern it. A wealthy individual or corporation could try something over the ocean with no regulation. Chris Field, director of Carnegie’s global ecology department. Yesterday an article was posted on the It detailed how geo-engineering could cool down the earth. […]

A challenge to Michael Valley from the Standard

This is a copy and paste from the challenge I left on the open mike section of the Standard blog.  Here are the links to the original posts I refer too. Syria, China and Iran. After writing several MSM propaganda posts on why we should attack Syria , why China would be the next empire […]

Section 92: Censure and End game. No more alternative news. Are you ready?

Today I won’t be posting anything other than this and that is not because there is nothing else to post. Next month this could be all you’re seeing here. The law which will come in effect on the 28th of February will enable any news outlet you quote or any organisation who does not like […]