HSBC Says NZ Rockstar Economy. They Should Know They made Maddof Into One Too

A couple of days ago HSBC chief economist for Australia and New Zealand Paul Bloxham told us that NZ’s economy was poised to grow dramatically in 2014 and would be a veritable Economic “Rock star”! Here are some pointers as to why you won’t feel the difference other than that you will feel poorer and […]

A Price For A Nuclear Free New Zealand.

To many people NZ still is that nice nuclear free country but here is the thing: We no longer are! We may not have large nuclear reactors or nukes to bomb people with but what we do have is much more insidious and creepy. It goes largely under the radar but it is something that […]

Video: How To Tell When Politicians Are Lying

A great video analyzing the body and facial language of the men and women we elect to protect our interests. Hopefully he next time you watch “Centre” Right John “I forgot” Key on the telly this might help you to find out what the hell he is lying about next:

John Banks, John Key, Dotcom, Collins and ACC or Oh! what a tangled web we weave When first we …..

John Banks lied about Dotcoms donations and how well he knew him in a scandal which could land him in jail for two years. Not only that he was a co-director of a financial company which gave out a prospectus which contained fraudulent information which landed another co director in jail yet John Key supports […]

John Key versus S&P: Just another fear mongering bankster!

When a rich Wall street bankster wants his way this is what he does: He calls a meeting of those he wants to bully into submission and says: “If you don’t do what I want the sky will fall down, Our ratings will go down, and there will be blood in the streets and even […]