Lord Ashcroft’s ‘links’ with disgraced PM of British territory hit by corruption scandal

Ooh oops, the same “Lord” Ashcroft who plays Santa Claus, and crime stoppers goody goody over here gets hit by another scandal. Nice idea that this scoundrel makes secret visits to our Prime minister Eh? Companies linked to Tory billionaire Lord Ashcroft helped finance the lavish lifestyle of a disgraced leader of a corruption-mired British […]

Some background on Lord Ashcroft

To most New Zealanders Michael Ashcroft is the guy who forked out $ 200,000,- to buy back some old war medals and since most Pakeha and Maori folk still believe that they are fighting in just wars whenever the US calls on them to sacrifice some more young people that immediately bought him the goodwill […]

Fight against terror must mean the end of ordinary people’s privacy, says ex-security chief and Lord Ashcrofts “Crimebusters”

In eastern Europe under Communist workers paradise rule the most effective weapon the authorities had was the willingness of citizens to spy and tattle on their neighbours (take the STASI for example). Malevolence and distrust served the rulers to keep absolute control over their populations. Fear and paranoia where wielded when “upstanding” citizens reported “deviant” […]