Chemtrails Over London?

Condensation trails are formed when the hot air of the motors hits the cold air outside. Kerose dumping because it’s hugely unhealthy (Not that this seems to bother the powers that be) are forbidden over the cities but clearly this is not hot air hitting cold air (at higher altitudes si what is this plane […]


Only 11% Of Dutch Gold Is In Holland

A Dutch news paper reported only 11% of Dutch owned gold is actually in the vaults of the DCB (Dutch Central bank) according to answers from the finance minister after worried MP’s wanted to know what actually happened to our gold. It also reported that little over half of the gold is under the Federal […]


9/11, Deutsche bank and Alex Brown or Was The 2000 Repatriation Of German Gold Another Act of Insider Trading

The last few weeks some revelations have baffled the Financial world. First of all Everybody wants to know where the German Gold is after the budget watchdog ordered a probe into the quality and availability of the German Gold reserves. What was the most baffling of the revelations that Deutsche bank had repatriated in the […]

On Standard & Poor, UK’s tripple A and Bully Boys or Why London Lives in LaLa Land

  Standard & Poor’s announced that the UK will keep their coveted triple A rating and while Chancellor Osborne, he of Bully boy fame, enthused about the announcement as the confirmation that the globe still had confidence in England after the disastrous 0.7 $ shrinkage of UK’s GDP here is why you might conclude that […]

Were the riots in London a false flag operation?

Nothing other than scary Muslims flying planes into buildings scares an impoverished and stressed out white middle class more then black and brown angry poor people looting and burning in their own streets. So if you are a very rich and corrupt upper class on the verge of being found out and ousted from your […]

U.S. banking giant switches billions in debt to Britain to avoid paying corporation tax for 50 years

Or perhaps they can feel a change in the air as the people of the USA wake up to the bankers robbing them blind and they don’t want to be around when all hell breaks lose. Any way this was the bank John Key worked for just in case you didn’t know. Investment bank Merrill […]