Your Bankster Word of the Day: Carry Trade and how it relates to the LIBOR and Why New Zealand Could be The Next Currency of The Month

Well, actually they are two words but the meaning I want to explain to you comes into existing by combining the two. (Currency) Carry trade= The practice of borrowing cheap money from countries where interest rates are low, converting it to another currency and buying high interest assets. Example= A trader borrows a 1000 yen, […]

On Wiley E Coyote and Where We Are in the Banking Collapse

Watching Wiley E Coyote running mid-air while you know he is going to fall of the cliff gets me every time! It is not so funny of course when the banking system begins to resemble Wiley E Coyote, yet that is exactly what is happening and here is why: The Global Economy: It’s All About […]