The global economy is collapsing but Kiwi’s have highest confidence in 7 months?!!

If you want to know how far the average Kiwi is removed from reality you have to look no further than yesterdays MSM newspapers. In an awesome display of ignorance and denial it showed in polls that Kiwi’s think that all is hunky dory and that “she’ll be sweet” in the global economy. I don’t […]

Kiwis used as nuclear guinea pigs, court hears

Our leaders would never hurt us deliberately, ever. They are doing everything they can to protect us from the big bad world, never start a war with a false flag attack and they would never ever use their population as guinea pigs to find out how they can kill and maim and slaughter other countries […]

1500 jobs at Telecom may be lost overseas

Financial benefits for whom? Oh for the telecom shareholders the 1500 Kiwi’s be damned. More than 1500 jobs are in doubt after Telecom announced it was looking at moving more of its call centre functions to the Philippines. That leaves just one customer service – 128 for faults – not undergoing trials in Manila. In an […]