The US Government Has Shut Down. Thousands Of People Won’t Get Paid!

Update: (Hat tip R) Obama explains why the tools of war are being left in the lurch (video removed but text here) on their bases around the world while their partners and kids await foreclosure and hunger at home. Nothing to do with collapsing empire. No Sir, no way! Uh uh wouldn’t happen to the […]

Kim Kardashians braless tits, Zombie attacks and Shutters in Greece or why you should dump the Main stream media

So what is important in mainstream media today?  Greece, Spain, Financial meltdowns debilitating entire nations? No, Kim Kardashians hanging braless tits, Zombies on LSD eating other peoples faces and other assorted rubbish are what you are supposed to digest.  If like me you have absolutely no truck with Narcissists and Mad men on drugs here […]