Get Some Guts Says John Key As He Prepares To Send Other Peoples Kids To War!

It seems that in the last two years from around the time John Key signed a brand spanking new partnership with NATO the recruitment of new soldiers went into overdrive. Especially in predominantly Maori areas with sometimes people being blackmailed into signing on with the threat of their welfare check being cut if they didn’t. […]

The Traitor Within: Key Met Spy Candidate For Breakfast

To Conspire comes from the Latin word Conspirare which in its essence means: to breath together. John Key knows a lot about breathing together. Every time he meets his mates in back rooms at breakfast or tea tables ( here, here and here) they breath together and funny stuff happens such as this and this […]

Greens vote could put Labour in Government – Key

Let’s prove him right! Prime Minister John Key has conceded National risk losing the election should the Green Party hold the balance of power. The Green Party captured 10.1 per cent in the latest DigiPoll, the party’s highest rating in the poll since the 2002 election campaign. With Labour floundering around the 30 per cent […]

Ohh yuk: Key lunches with the Queen and corgis

Am I the only one or are there more people out there disgusted by the display of moronic submission to the English royal attempted benefit fraudster. Maybe John can be a good friend to her and give her some of his money for her palace heating. Oh no, I forgot, all that is foisted on […]

Key: All frontline staff will get Tasers

Well, that didn’t take them long. Funding for the roll-out of electric stun guns to frontline police officers will be included in the Budget, Prime Minister John Key said yesterday. Mr Key confirmed funding for frontline officers to get the less-than-lethal weapons is included in the Budget. The government will also consider gun control measures. […]

Harawira comments on alleged Key assault

Hallelujah, at least one of the Maori leadership has found his balls back. Maori MP Hone Harawira is being accused of defending an alleged assault against Prime Minister John Key. In a newspaper column Mr Harawira said he went to Kaitaia Courthouse to support nephews John Junior Popata, 33, and Wikatana Popata, 19. The pair […]

Residents group miffed Key won’t meet them

So explain this to me Slippery John has time enough to check his portfolio and possessions and become even richer than he already is but he does not have time to meet with his constituants to listen to something that is obviously of great importance to them. Could it be that he has already pledged […]