On Judaism Versus Zionism And Why The Desecration of Graves Is ALWAYS Wrong

This week 20 graves in a Jewish Graveyard were damaged and desecrated by people who thought that this was a great idea. Yesterday a house was vandalised with swastika’s and Heil Hitler signs. I don’t know the  motivation of the perpetrators but other than causing the families of the people who are buried there a […]

Anti-Zionism growing amongst Jews

How confusing this must be to most Kiwi’s! Due to their ignotrance (typo but is is so very much how most Kiwi’s blunder through life I’ve decided to keep it in) in most matters overseas and the constant propaganda from the New Zealand Zionist Federation which supported John Key’s accent to the Prime ministerial seat […]

Rabbi Yisroel Weiss speaks out against Zionism

Perhaps it is interesting to hear what a practising fundamentalist Jewish Rabbi has to say about the genocide in Gaza. May our words be pleasing to the Creator and cause His Great Name to be sanctified. Assalaam Aleikhum: The world stands aghast as the atrocities being committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza, becomes known […]

“The Wandering Who?”

By Gilad Atzmon 02/09/08 “ICH” — – -University historian, Professor Shlomo Sand, opens his remarkable study of Jewish nationalism quoting Karl W. Deutsch: A nation is a group of people united by a common mistake regarding its origin and a collective hostility towards its neighbours” [1] As simple or even simplistic as it may sound, […]

Jewish International Opposition Statement Against Attack on Iran

I wonder what John Key’s stance is with regards to the coming attack on Iran? 12/08/08 “ICH” — – Efforts to beat the drums of war for an attack on Iran’s nuclear reactor facilities are promoted in both the USA and Israel scenes. The recent New York Times opinion piece of July 18th, written by the […]