Money creation

Back To Basics: Money Creation And Who Creates It

I thought it would be good to go back to the basic premise of how money is created in our world today as we hurdle towards a financial collapse as a result of the financial “elite’s” fraudulent and dangerous money creation over the last 30 years. Most people find it hard to get their head […]

The Financial Tsunami Part 4: Asset Securitization – The Last Tango

Part 4 of William Engdahl’s series: Endgame: Unregulated Private Money Creation What had emerged going into the new millennium after the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall was an awesome transformation of American credit markets into what was soon to become the world’s greatest unregulated private money creation machine. The New Finance was built on an incestuous, […]

The Financial Tsunami Part 3: Greenspan’s Grand Design

Here is part 3: The Long-Term Greenspan Agenda Seven years of Volcker monetary “shock therapy” had ignited a payments crisis across the Third World. Billions of dollars in recycled petrodollar debts loaned by major New York and London banks to finance oil imports after the oil price rises of the 1970’s, suddenly became non-payable. The […]

First Review Of The Financial Review

Thanks to the donations I received yesterday. I was able to subscribe for a year to the Financial Review to which I wanted to have access because some of their articles were about people who interested me due to their connection with John Key and Merrill Lynch. My first impression was as I expected. The […]

Guest Post On The Standard!

One of the authors of the Standard gave me the opportunity to post a guest post on the Standard blog. This morning my part of the interview with William Black Vinny and I did about three weeks ago and an introduction to this mans work were posted on the Standard. I want to thank my […]

Cameron Tells Queen About Fantastically Corrupt Countries. Forgets To Mention New Zealand!

Here is a little video where Cameron tells the queen about how fantastically corrupt Nigeria and Afghanistan are. He forgot to mention the City of London and New Zealand among others. Did I mention our own queen of corrupt Judith Collins was attending? Here is what Max and Stacey have to say about it:

I Challenge The Standard To Invite Me For A Guest Post In Fact F&*l It, I challenge The Daily Blog Too!

At the Standard, the second biggest New Zealand blog and the biggest so called leftist blog, a discussion raged about how to get more female bloggers posting at the blog. I challenged them to invite me for a guest post!  (Scroll down to comment 12 for the text) In February my blog Aotearoa A Wider […]

John Key Wants New Zealand To Be A Secrecy Jurisdiction (Tax Haven) For Ever And Ever And Ever……

Here is an 8 minute long video about what the TPPA and TISA will do to New Zealand and every other country that signs on to them. the same will happen in Europe when the elite pushes TTIP through. And here is what Ellen Brown has to say about it: In March 2014, the Bank […]

Secrecy Jurisdictions, Crime, One Law For The 1% And One Law For The Rest Of Us

“Tax avoidance was only the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t really realize how much bigger the problem is. Really what wealth managers do extend much more generally to law avoidance. And that creates problems of legitimacy for whole governments. It’s bad enough that people think they are getting shafted because the rich aren’t paying their […]

You Never Put An Investment Banker On The Board Of A Pension Fund!

In 2012 I wrote a post about the Cullen fund and the fact that a Merrill Lynch banker was on the first board of Guardians for a Sovereign Wealth fund which we know as the Cullen fund. It struck me as very suspect that a banker from a bank whose trading model was based on […]

Spiro Skouras On The Corbett Show Or Why We Should Think Twice About Making The Kermadec A Sanctuary

To be clear, I would love to make the entire ocean, in fact the entire globe, one big sanctuary and the PEW sanctuary lobbying group makes it look extremely tempting to establish a huge Sanctuary over the Kermadec region. There is a catch though. First of all what is the PEW Lobbying group. Who started […]

While New Zealand Honours Its War Dead, The Masters Are Preparing For More War.

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. Dwight D. Eisenhower Some years ago I greatly upset someone who thought I was making light of Anzac day. I am […]

Vinny Eastwood, Bill Black And Me: All You Need To Know About Control Fraud And John Key!

For those of you interested in what Bill Black, a man who put over a thousand bankers in jail and who travels around the globe to educate entire Governments about why Control fraud is such a pervasive, hideous form of fraud, has to say about putting a Merrill Lynch banker on the board of Guardians […]

Bill Black on TED: The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One!

I had an hour long talk with this gentleman yesterday while on Vinny Eastwood’s show. Over the next couple of weeks, after I move my website, I will be writing and transcribing the, in all, two hour interview (Vinny talked with him for two hours) and connect it back to John Key and his banking […]

Vinnie Eastwood Is Interviewing William Black About The Panama Papers And I will Be Joining Him In The Second Half Of The Show!

Control fraud occurs when a trusted person in a high position of responsibility in a company, corporation, or state subverts the organization and engages in extensive fraud for personal gain. Wikipeadia Today between 2-4 pm NZ time Vinny Eastwood will be interviewing William “Bill” Black. I will be joining Vinny in the second hour to […]

On Kevin Barrett’s Show Live Today!

I will be on Kevin Barrett’s Truth jihad show live today! I have been booked from 1-2 PM but will be on standby from 12 pm in case he can’t make a connection with his first guest! I will be talking about John Key, his banking, tax haven creating career, the Panama Papers, Earthquakes, Lord […]

The World’s Most Famous Economic Hitman Confesses – They’re Coming for Your Democracy

This article written by Andrew Krieger from Liberty Blitzkrieg quotes John Perkins the writer of Confessions of an Economic Hitman as saying that the economic hitmen are now coming for our democracies and he is right. Here in New Zealand they did not have to come for a visit. New Zealand voted their Economic Hitman, […]

Who Is The King Or Why (K)Hillary Will Never Be Indicted!

In an article published on Of two minds blog Charles Hugh Smith argues that if Hillary Clinton is not indicted for knowingly violating statutes regarding State Department security the republic, democracy and justice are dead. I put it to you that the republic died when the DOJ and Goldman Sachs colluded to make the banksters […]

Trillions Of Dollars On Illegal Wars Of Aggression

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its […]

AIG Exposed Or Why You Should Be Very Worried About Richie And Dan Supporting The Flag Change

Here is an excellent doco (From 2012 but still very current) about AIG the All Blacks sponsor. It has given me some impetus to research more on the connection between AIG and John Key, the flag and their appetite for the TPPA. So watch this space! Here is an article I wrote about the kind […]

One degree of separation or how small the bankster world really is

(Update, the next couple of weeks never happened and I did not write nearly as much about this as I intended but I thought it would be good to repost this post originally written and posted in November 2009)   In the next couple of weeks  with the help of this map I will uncover […]

Absolute Gold: From the Ridiculous Prime Minister John Key To Dildo Baggins! Featuring Peter Jackson

Here is John Oliver absolutely trashing what was left off John Key’s international name and that of his Party! Absolutely hilarious. John Oliver, You are a legend!

Open Letter From New Zealand To The People Of The Countries Signing On To The TPPA Today!

Dear Citizens of Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam, today New Zealand is hosting the signing of the TPPA. As an inhabitant of this country, I am gutted that our Prime Minister invited the representatives of your countries to come over here to sign the treaty. […]

2000, 2008, 2016. The Derivatives Wrecking Ball For Dummies

The financial terrorists who have played fast and loose with the global economy over the last 30 years are facing a shit storm of their own making. It pays to remember that while they will try to make us responsible for their terroristic financial activities it is their crisis and they are losing the trillions […]


John Key Wants War Between Maori And Pakeha. Are You Going To Let Him?

On the 4th of February 2016 two days before Waitangi day. John Key intends to sign the TPPA. The treaty will allow international corporations to usurp most of New Zealand’s sovereignty. It will deregulate the financial industry, allow corporations to sue our government for loss of profit if we don’t let them run rough shod […]

Stock Markets, Milk Prices And Wages Collapsing And Wars And Civil Unrest Rising. Welcome To 2016!

First of all you must remember that stock markets are not the real economy. Maybe at one stage it was a reliable gauge for the real world economy but that has long been replaced by corporations buying up their own stocks with no interest money from the Federal Reserve pumping up their share prices. That […]