We Are All Jesus Now!

Yesterday I was watching an interview with Gerald Celente and he brought up something very interesting: Jesus Christ only lost his cool once. He lost it with the money changers in the temple and eight days later he was dead! Now correct me if I’m wrong but the Money changers, the Government and the Leaders […]

Oops! 18 Centuries of Celibate Misery and All For Naught!

1800 years of patriarchy, misogyny and celibate misery based on the “mistaken” assumption that Jesus thought that sex was dirty made by a bunch of women hating bearded geezers in Constantinople and all for nothing! A recently uncovered fragment of ancient papyrus makes the explosive suggestion that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were man and wife, […]

“Not even Jesus could reverse the decline in the US”

According to economist and writer William Engdahl we are living through an event which occurs once every 500 years or so. The event? A total collapse of an empire, the US empire to be precise of which we are a part whether you like it or not. He reckons not even Jesus could resurrect the […]