Open Letter From New Zealand To The People Of The Countries Signing On To The TPPA Today!

Dear Citizens of Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam, today New Zealand is hosting the signing of the TPPA. As an inhabitant of this country, I am gutted that our Prime Minister invited the representatives of your countries to come over here to sign the treaty. […]


On Weather Wars, Earthquakes And Typhoons Turning Corners

Something was bugging me. I couldn’t put my finger on it but it had something to do with a recent MSM article which was called something like: Storm turns corner. It was about the fact that a Typhoon approaching Japan had all of a sudden veered off to the North. I tried to find it […]

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When Two Tribes Go To War Or Is China Mobilising For War With Japan.

Zero Hedge is very careful in describing military movements if two coastal provinces in China. Something to keep an eye on fir sure! We don’t know if it merely a coincidence that a story has emerged discussing a Chinese mobilization in response to the ongoing territorial feud with Japan over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands (and the […]

Max and Stacey Episode 390: Deadly Deflation and WWIII

It is said that if the bankers can no longer hide their Ponzi schemes they take us to a hot war. And in true banker tradition it seems they are doing exactly that.  Japan which is of course nothing other than a puppet state for the United States is ratcheting up the tension with China […]

Max Keiser: The Dollar Will Collapse In 2013

Max Keiser on Press TV explains why the dollar  will collapse in 2013. He also explains what the tax hikes for  the $ 400.000 and over really mean and why inflation means that it means more poverty for the middle class. Here is another link giving more details about the fact that 77% of the […]

China on Alert After Japan Scrambles Jets over E. China Sea

China says it is on alert after Japan dispatched fighter jets over the East China Sea. Japanese media report Japan sent F15 fighter aircraft after detecting a Chinese marine surveillance plane in disputed airspace near contested islands in the East China Sea. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters Tuesday Beijing will pay close […]

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Bubble burst alert: Bank of Japan Posts Whopping ¥233 Billion Loss As Its Soaring Balance Sheet Hits Record ¥156 Trillion

But… but… a central bank can never lose money. Bzzzz, wrong. As it just so happens, the world’s most tragicomic farce of a central bank, and one which is about to officially lost its (faux) “independence” and become a branch of the Japanese government if the up and coming PM Abe has his way, the […]

Scientific Paper: “The Fukushima Radioactive Plume Contaminated the Entire Northern Hemisphere During a Relatively Short Period of Time”

What should have been clear to anyone with two braincells to rub together is now confirmed. The entire Northern atmosphere of our planet was contaminated when the four reactors of the Fukushima nuclear facility blew up in the aftermath of the March 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami. With the four reactors still in a serious state […]

A World On The Verge Of War?

From Zero Hedge Here is a summary of where the world stands: Unable to reach a compromise over the weekend, South Africa is now in an all out labor strike, with the police again firing rubber bullets at miners with lethal escalation guaranteed Back from vacation, the once again penniless citizens of Spain, Greece, and […]

Is Japan Bankrupt?

Here is Ellen Brown, writer of Web of Debt, on the financial situation of Japan. Japan’s massive government debt conceals massive benefits for the Japanese people, with lessons for the U.S. debt “crisis.” In an April 2012 article in Forbes titled “If Japan Is Broke, How Is It Bailing Out Europe?”, Eamonn Fingleton pointed out […]

The thing with Fukushima is that it’s just getting worse

No sooner had TEPCO announced that the Fukushima was in cold shut down or it had to admit that the fuel in the second reactor had disappeared meaning a cold shut down was impossible. In fact TEPCO had to admit the radiations levels are rising by some 20%. Here are the observations of the owner […]

World’s Second And Third Largest Economies To Bypass Dollar, Engage In Direct Currency Trade

According to Zero hedge: To all who still think that in the war of attrition between the USD and the EUR (because contrary to what some have “discovered” only recently, currency wars have been going on for a long, long time and will continue to do so, before morphing into trade and real wars), in […]

Experts: Fukushima ‘off-scale’ lethal radiation level infers 100s millions dying

              Of course this is happening!!! Just becasue mainstream media doesn’t report it doesn’t man it’s not there. And we still import foodstuffs from Japan!!!! Fukushima nuclear power plant radiation recordings of external gamma radiation have been so high this week, they went off scale said veteran nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson on […]

Japan is going to whale again. Here is Valentina and this is why I think it sucks

Japan has announced that it will go whaling again. Here is a video of a group of people saving a young humpback near California and if you see this you will understand why I think it sucks. Support Paul Watson in his quest to save the whales on the South Pacific if you think so […]

Japanese official Cries – FUKUSHIMA NOS. 5 & 6 FLOODED!

  The thing with the Japanese is that they abhor displays of extreme emotions. In fact Japanese people who are going to work in western countries actually have to learn to laugh showing their teeth as that is totally uncool in Japan. So when a Japanese official cries when he announces that the Fukushima power […]

No Shit! Fukushima nuclear plant to be entombed in concrete as Japan admits it has lost battle with crippled reactors

With the news that the radio active core of the second reactor has started to melt through the bottom of its protective containment vessel and the plans to entomb the entire plant with a “shroud” Chernobyl style the worst of the fears most of us had have come through. A nuclear apocalypse has begun. It […]

Nuclear Apocalypse in Japan

This article written by Keith Harmon Snow is a sobering assessment of the reality on the ground in Japan concerning the Fukushima reactor meltdown. As the sun set over quake-stricken Japan on Thursday 17 March 2011, we learned that four of six Fukushima nuclear reactor sites are irradiating the earth, that the fire is burning […]

Back from holiday and it’s not looking good

Update: Hundreds flee in Japan after Shinmoedake volcano begins spewing ash, boulders. I’m currently in the third week of a well deserved holiday and in fact was a way last week in the first holiday trip for six years but when I came back found the world a vastly changed place. It appears we are […]

An era ends as Japan’s LDP is swept from power

Now this is interesting. Apart from the fact that a political shift of this magnitude is always interesting it also brings into power the party to which Yukihisa Fujita belongs. I have met and spoken with Yuki as he is known in the truth movement made history when he confronted the Foreign Policy and Defense […]

Japan’s economy ‘worst since end of WWII’

Japan is grappling with its worst economic crisis since the end of World War II, the nation’s economic and fiscal policy minister said Monday. A businessman walks past a homeless man taking a nap at a Tokyo park. The comments from Kaoru Yosano followed news of Japan’s gross domestic product falling 12.7 percent in the […]

Japan sinks into recession

The Japanese economy has officially entered recession for the first time since 2001, after the release of figures on Monday showing a second quarter of negative GDP growth. The data not only showed an annualised contraction of 0.4 percent for the July-September period, but revised the contraction for the April-June quarter from 3 percent to […]

Japan’s Stock Futures Drop After U.S. Unexpectedly Loses Jobs

By Masaki Kondo March 10 (Bloomberg) — Japan’s Nikkei 225 Stock Average futures fell in Chicago after the U.S. unexpectedly lost jobs in February, adding to concern the world’s biggest economy has entered a recession. U.S.-traded receipts of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., the world’s largest maker of consumer electronics, retreated 1.7 percent from the closing […]

I was shot, claims anti-whaling activist

I’ve met the man, he does not lie. Japan has dismissed as a lie claims by the captain of an anti-whaling ship he was shot at during the latest confrontation with a whaling vessel in the Southern Ocean. Paul Watson, captain of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society protest ship the Steve Irwin, said he felt […]