On Exporting China’s Empty Cities And John Key Telling You To Buy A Flat Or Why You Should Be Worried About Auckland’s Housing Bubble.

In May 2013 I linked to a documentary about the empty cities of China. At the time China was building between 12-24 entire cities with nobody to live in them. The cities, existing mainly out of huge apartment blocks were build to serve as an investment tool for the people hoping to rent out the […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Global Housing Bubble And Why You’re Screwed If You Buy Into It.

Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert on the Global housing bubble! This is what is happening in Auckland and Christchurch too. It is simple. Money is created the moment you put your signature on a mortgage or loan document from a bank. They create it out of thin air and charge you interest on it. You […]

A Zoologist For A Financial Shitstorm And A Wall Street Banker As Our Prime Minister. No Wonder We’re Tanking.

  “Our big problem would be … if Europe goes, China could slow down, Australia would be very badly affected by the China slowdown and that’s the nightmare scenario for us – a slowdown in China, our second-largest market, a slowdown in Australia, our largest market, a weak United States and we’re in a diabolical […]

Has China’s Inevitable Economic Collapse Begun?

I know, I know, here in New Zealand you have been promised that China will pick up the slack when the US and Europe go but if you search my blog for China you will find that over the years I have been trying to point out that this is mathematically impossible. Currently we are, […]

Can you say housing bubble?

Today on stuff.co.nz it was announced that the NZ house prices were rising at an astonishing rate. I don’t know what the cause is but only in December 2011 it was announced that according to the Economist New Zealand’s real estate was amongst the most overrated in the world together with countries such as Australia, […]

Housing collapse threat to contractors

The failure of the $450 million Kensington Park at Orewa will drag many other businesses down with it, and other similar developments will likely follow. Subcontractors on the 750-house development are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars for work already completed at the site, one of them said yesterday. And a property expert told the […]

Six months, 343,000 lost homes

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — The number of Americans losing their homes to foreclosure continued to soar in June, according to a report released Thursday. RealtyTrac, an online marketer of foreclosed properties, reported that lenders repossessed 71,563 homes in June. A year ago, just 26,369 homes were taken back. During the first six months of 2008, […]

The buy-to-let boom goes bust

The number of British private landlords unable to keep up with their mortgage payments has jumped by 50 per cent, according to Bradford & Bingley. The first signs of a collapse in Britain’s buy-to-let property market emerged yesterday as Bradford & Bingley, the UK’s largest lender to private landlords, revealed a 50 per cent jump […]

The housing bubble was engineered

Daniel Estulin  has researched the Bilderberg club for 20 years. One of the originators of this group was Prince Bernard of the Netherlands. His daughter Queen Beatrice is still the one of the ones in control of this group. She is my Queen since I am Dutch. It was common knowledge in the Netherlands that […]

Sidelined home buyers frozen by fears

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Home prices have plunged by 10 percent or more in some parts of the United States and interest rates on mortgages are at enticing levels, but many potential buyers are waiting for prices to fall further.This psychology is helping prevent the hard-hit home market — suffering one of its worst downturns […]