Australia’s Economy Is Beginning To Stall And Why It’s Only Going To Get Worse For The Foreseeable Future

  A young colleague of my husband is going on a trip around South America with his partner and expects to be able to find a job and safe up in Perth for what he hopes will be the next step. Here is why he might want to reconsider: Australia which like any other “developed” […]

Property sales plunge in May, some price falls too – Harcourts

House sales plunged in May and values fell in some areas compared with a record month last year, real estate company Harcourts said today. In the company’s “Northern” region, which includes Auckland, the number of properties “on hand” increased 54 per cent from the same month last year, while the number of May sales was […]

Australia to rescue of $100b sector

Just how long do you think those nice Aussies will keep propping up the New Zealand house market. Australian retirement schemes are preventing the $100 billion New Zealand commercial property market from slipping into the doldrums. A report out yesterday said major Australian superannuation funds would continue to pour millions of dollars into our office […]