Flotilla, Raglan, No Oil Drilling And No Sea Bed Mining. A First Impression!

While I sort out how to upload the  speeches of Catherine Delahunty and Hone Harawira here is a first impression of the Raglan support meeting for the no oil drilling Flotilla on its way to ground zero for the deep sea Anadarko “test” drill. Excellent speeches from Catherine Delahunty, Angelina Greensill, Phil McCabe, Steve Abel, Hone Harawira […]

Witness statements to the Police brutality in Glenn Innes

Here are some witness statements from people involved in the peaceful protests against the evictions in Glenn Innes and the police brutality the encountered. Due to the press blackout the police had free rain in the violent suppression of the protests and I urge anyone to spread these statements far and wide since it is […]

Key set for hostile Waitangi reception says Mana party

According to the Mud stream media Hone is at it again. That is they suggest he is shit stirring by proclaiming that Waitangi day will be a hostile day for John Key. What is really happening of course is that national has walked all over Maoridom with big black boots  and they’re angry. In other […]

The end of the Maori party? It should or congratulations to Hone Harawira

When the Maori party announced it was going into government with National I called them traitors to their people and I said that everything that was coming to them was deserved and none of it was good. When Hone broke with the Maori party he did the right thing and his win yesterday was well […]