The Hikoi arrived in Wellington but John Key is relaxed about that and thank you Bronwyn!

First of all on a personal note I want to thank Bronwyn (whom I don’t know and never met) for taking a banner with my blog name on it to the Hikoi. That is how information spreads and I am very grateful for her action and I feel honoured she felt that my blog was […]

Horse with Colic and Hikoi or how a normal week can turn into a week from hell!

For those of you wondering where the hell I went off too during one of the most important popular political two weeks of recent years namely the Hikoi, I had to take care of my seriously ill horse who appeared to have a colic combined with something else which were are still trying to solve. […]

Would you like some oil and corexit with your fish, sir?

Two years after the BP, Halliburton, Goldman Sachs oil disaster in the Golf of Mexico horrible things are turning up in the fishermen’s nets. Eyeless shrimp, soft shell crabs and fish with oil and Corexit in their tissue. Not only that but fisheries are collapsing life is ebbing and dolphins are dying yet our government […]

Seabed mining will be an issue for the No Asset sale Hikoi in April

According to Mike Smith organiser and spokesperson for the no Asset sale Hikoi which will take place in April and which will span the entire North Island, Seabed mining is a huge issue and will be addressed in the Hikoi. KASM is invited to make a presentation which will be shown during the entire Hikoi […]

The itinerary for the Hikoi against asset sales

Here is the itinerary for the Hikoi against the planned asset sales! For all of you who can I would like to implore you to put your differences aside and use it as a platform for all of us to protest the looting of this country by foreign plunderers enabled by our bankster Prime minister. […]