A Cosy Little Get Together In New York: Key And Clark On The Same Team!

John Key is in New York to promote NZ as the next temporary  seat on the Security Council. While that may be so I would be interested to know how many people from the banking world he will have breakfast with. We know he met with Helen Clark and there was much talk how they […]

Will John Key meet with his former banking buddies at the Federal Reserve of New York

According to Helen Clark, John Key will be visiting New York. Why would John Key be visiting his old haunt? Wouldn’t Washington be more appropriate as he is no longer a banker but a prime minister of a country? Is it to meet just with Helen or does he visit New York to meet with […]

Diplomatic post ‘live option’ for Clark – Key

What price betrayal? Now we know. Helen Clark, who was once known as one of the most aware world leaders, can’t have been unaware of the true nature of our privately owned financial system. I know enough people send her al the information she needed. She knew alright about our “create money out of thin […]

NZ least corrupt

So all you righties out there believing that Helen Clark caused massive corruption and destruction of morals and all the other crap you spout about her and her government should perhaps appologise to her and her colleagues. New Zealand has retained its top ranking as a nation free of corruption. In this year’s results from […]

Labour has a great day at the office

The economic purists may have been wailing. Many Auckland Airport shareholders may have been weeping. The Labour Party was not giving a hoot about that yesterday. It was too busy having its best day at the office by far this year. The Government’s last-minute tightening of rules on foreign investment in strategic assets had effectively […]