John Key goes to Europe!

Next week John Key will be travelling to Europe. He will have dinner with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Celebrate the Royal jubilee and stroke the queens Corgis and have a jolly good time all round with all the wrong people while average Kiwi’s try to get their head […]

On media control and the Iraq war speech of Stephen Harper and John Howard or do you still believe we elect our governments?

Here are two video’s. One is of the announcement by a US TV host Conan that he will be marrying a gay couple live in his show and the reactions of all the “independent” talking heads all over the TV senders which are also supposedly independent and the second is the speech which committed Australia […]

Harper runs a wrecking crew, not a government

Last week Harper, the neoliberal prime minister of Canada faced a motion of non confidence which he most probably would have lost meaning he would have to step down. In an unprecedented move he asked for the Govenor general to proroque i.e. close down government. In other words rather than let the democratic process have […]

Harper’s Coup; Power Grab in Ottawa

On Thursday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper suspended Canada’s parliament to avoid a challenge from opposition parties that were planning to oust him from power. The 3-party coalition–the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois—decided to remove Harper because of his strong opposition to a stimulus package that was designed to minimize the effects of the […]