German report: Bailout has saved banks, not Greece

What should have been obvious from the very start has now been confirmed by German study. 95% of the money lend to Greece was used to bail out, not Greece but the big banks. In other words This was just another big bank looting operation. —————————————– Some 95 percent of the 220 billion euros disbursed […]

John Key Wants To Help Greece Or How He Is Still A Bankster

Greece according to CNN Money owes 323 billion euros ($366 billion), over 175% of the country’s GDP. That is roughly $ 33,273 per Greek citizen. John Key yesterday announced we may be called in to help the Greek people cope with this debt. It pays to know who will end up with this money. Hint? […]

The IMF Made €2.5 Billion Profit Out Of Greece Loans

Just in case you’re wondering if the IMF does the lending from the goodness of their hearts. The IMF made $ 2.5 billion of the loans made to the Greek people. Greece has a population of about 11 million. This is about looting the Greek and if it was up to me I would do […]

Will Greece Take The Bankers Down?

George Osbourne the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer knows nothing about finance and a little bit about history from an empire point of view. He grew up as an entitled coke snorting prat and he feels justified to starve the Greek population in the service of the banker elite. Alternatively Dr Yanis Varoufakis has a […]

Will Greece Declare Their Debt an Odious One? If So, Prepare For Glorious Helter Shelter!

Those of you who read my blog regularly may have seen the term odious debt mentioned in some of my earlier posts on Greece. In fact I have argued that with John Key being a Wall street banking insider heaping huge amounts of debt on our shoulders he was in fact making sure that debt […]

Greece misses IMF payment in warning shot as showdown with Europe escalates

Odious debt doesn’t need repayment according to international law! Greece is to take the drastic step of skipping a €300m payment to the International Monetary Fund on Friday, invoking an obscure mechanism in abeyance since the 1970s to bundle all debts due in June and pay them at the end of the month. It is […]

NATO Aggression Alert: Well Trained Men Are Killing People In Macedonia

Several days ago I posted on the fact that NATO would not let Greece leave the Euro. It seems they are preparing to stop Greece as we speak. On 10 May 2015 a group of highly trained men attacked several malls in the former Yugoslav province called Macedonia and killed up to 22 people. We […]

Is The Mask Coming Off In Greece: NATO Will Not Let Greece Leave Euro!

Greece as you know is in debt. It is in debt not because it spends too much on its population but because the banks systematically set it up to fail leaving it with an unplayable debt much like John Key will leave New Zealand. The issue of course is that at some stage either the […]

Uh Oh, It Has Begun: What Is Good For Greece Is Bad For Israel!

It will be very difficult for Greece to map their own destiny. Even when they have spoken loud and clear as to what direction they want to go. Why? By taking back their own dignity and sovereignty they are threatening bankster rule. That is always a dangerous thing to do and with this article in […]

John Key, Be warned! ‘The Bailout Is Over. Blackmail Is Over. Subservience Is Over’ Syriza Wins!

Early days but WOWWOWWOW!!!!!!! Syriza, the anti austerity party wins. The Greek people have spoken. AMEN!!! F*&k the troika and the banksters!. John Key be afraid, be very afraid! An anti-austerity party has won a landmark election victory in Greece which critics fear could force the Eurozone into a fresh crisis. With 97 per cent […]

How Goldman Sachs Ruined Greece. And Yes, They Are Doing It Here Too!

In April 2012 I reported that New Zealand was accumulating Derivative swaps at an alarming rate. When I reported on this the amount of money in Derivatives was already an alarming $ 112 Billion and I have no reason to  assume that is anything less as I write this. At the time Dr Sue Newberry […]

Greece, Portugal, Italy… Germany?

It should come as no surprise to wake up to another bail out for Greece. Not to  do so would spell the end of the entire global financial system after all and the Greek government knows this. Neither should the continuing and worsening crisis in Portugal raise any eyebrows and rest assured in a couple […]

15.000 Civil Servants Added To The Scrapheap in Greece!

To give you an idea of how many people that would be in New Zealand, the Greek population is about 11 million so to extrapolate that to New Zealand’s 4 million population  you would end up with about 5455 newly unemployed! If the newly unemployed is the sole bread winner you end up with about […]

In Greece Politicians Go To Jail For Not Declaring Assets So What About Shearer

So Shearer forgot about a bank account he had in New York. He declared the account belatedly meaning it must have had at least $ 50,000.- in it. I don’t know about you but I don’t usually forget about those kinds of sums. Do you? Neh, I didn’t think so! Here is what happens to […]

Greek Defense Minister Gets 8 Years For EUR 100,000 Hidden Assets

The problem the Greek elite have is that if they are not seen to be doing anything against the rampant  corruption so prevalent amongst them it could very well end with the Guillotine for all of them. So last week the ex-mayor of the second biggest city disappeared to jail for life for embezzling $17 […]

Greeks Panic As Drug Firms Slash Medicine Supplies By 90% On Bad Debts

Greece is facing a serious shortage of medicines amid claims that pharmaceutical multinationals have halted shipments to the country because of the economic crisis and, as The Guardian reports, concerns that the drugs will be exported by middlemen because prices are higher in other European countries. Rubbing further salt into the Greek (un-medicated) wound, the […]

On Greece, Austerity Or Why Privsatisation Really Is A Very Bad Idea

Here is a one and a half hour Greek documentary about the privatization and the “soft” coup in Greece by the same people who supported the Military Junta which brought misery to millions of Greeks in times not so long past. It is subtitled in English if you push the subtitle button!

Geithner’s Legacy: The “0.2%” Hold $7.8 Trillion, Or 69% Of All Assets; And $212 Trillion Of Derivative Liabilities

If you want to know what that means consider this: You and I don’t hold any Derivatives. the 0.2% does. We only know of $ 212 Trillion according to this article but calculations about the “shadow banking world” Derivatives(the off the books money supplies which I might add would get our asses in jail if […]

Greek Unemployment Soars To New Record, 56.6% Of 15-24 Year Olds Without Job

Judging by ongoing momentum moves in various European stock and bond market indicators, one could be left with the impression that something in the continent is actually improving. And while hope of improvement is certainly be high, the reality is vastly different as confirmed by the just released Greek unemployment data, which saw the broad […]

Greece ‘Selective Default’ And Geithner’s ‘Selective Memory’

If Greece defaults even partially it will trigger the insurance hedges countries have taken to insure their risks against foreign Currencies. This is what will be the result: Late last night S&P placed Greece into “Selective Default” again. This is not the first time that Athens has been placed in the jailhouse and perhaps it […]

Just In Case You Think Greece Is Saved!

It took the charming three tries for Greece to get its third “bailout”, which incidentally does not bail out anyone except the hedge funds who went long GGBs because the only actual winners resulting from yesterday’s transaction – those benefiting from Europe’s AAA club fund flows are hedge funds as explained previously. As for Greece, […]

While We Were Watching The Storm The Greek Coalition Just Collapsed

While we are watching Sandy the next phase of the economic collapse just happened. The Greek coalition collapsed ahead of an important vote. This means new elections and more chance of the inevitable disintegration of the Euro. If one is curious why the EURUSD has been ramping as if no one will ever sell one […]

Greece demands billions for German war crimes: Relations between EU partners plunge to a new low

This was an accident waiting to happen and trust me when I tell you that if being German could get you killed in Greece since WWII, now is definitely not the time to  go to Greece for a holiday if you are German! Greece has threatened to hit Germany with a bill for tens of […]

No News On LIBOR and the Finance Front? It’s Holiday Baby!

For those of you who think nothing is being said in the MSM about both the Financial Global Collapse and the LIBOR rigging scam may I remind you that this is August and that every politician, journalist, banker and their dog on the Northern Hemisphere is currently on holiday so not a lot seems to […]

America Supports Greece in a Return to the Drachma?

This from the Slog: The US Treasury’s Assistant Secretary for International Finance Charles Collyns had a meeting with Greek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras in Athens on Wednesday morning. The official Greek media version was that Collyns ‘expressed the support of US-Finance Secretary Tomothy Geithner to Greece and his confidence in Greek efforts. Yinannis Stournas briefed […]

While Greece starves we feed the monster and Nigel Farage on the banking scam

In our MSM today it was announced that with the forming of a new Government in Greece all would be well and I’m sure that the NZ $ 1.36 Billion we just committed to the IMF will go to those thousands of poor starving Greek being fed by gifts from their fellow Greek farmers you […]

Just imagine: Banks runs every day and stocking up on food to save yourself.

Just imagine living like this. Your country is experiencing bank runs every day for the last two weeks and you have stocked up on food to help you survive the coming elections and the possible collapse of your currency. Well that is what’s happening in Greece and it will happen here. $ 112 Billion in […]

Bank runs in China, Stocks plummeting and Hunger in Greek prisons or what’s next

While we are being distracted by the royal pageantry and the Olympic games the collapse of our entire financial system moves inexorably towards its demise. Here are some pointers you might be forgiven for having missed as they are not present in our mainstream media. China, the great economic power that was going to be […]

Kim Kardashians braless tits, Zombie attacks and Shutters in Greece or why you should dump the Main stream media

So what is important in mainstream media today?  Greece, Spain, Financial meltdowns debilitating entire nations? No, Kim Kardashians hanging braless tits, Zombies on LSD eating other peoples faces and other assorted rubbish are what you are supposed to digest.  If like me you have absolutely no truck with Narcissists and Mad men on drugs here […]