It Was Assad’s Drought Don’t You Know! The Misinformation War Or your Tax $ At Work To Keep You Dumb!

In  a most bizarre twist we are now told that it wasn’t us financing and arming rebels in Syria, financing and arming thugs like ISIS, al Qaeda or the tons of money spend on destabilising Syria through political and religious propaganda by the West caused the civil war raging in Syria but Assad’s drought. The […]

Some Photo’s Of Demonstrations Against The Genocidal Attacks On Gaza From Around The World You Won’t See In The Mainstream Media

Here are some photo’s of demonstrations against the Israeli attacks on the people of Gaza you won’t see in the  mainstream media such as the  BBC. This is happening in Tel Aviv, Israel right now as I write this and Israel is resuming the attacks on Gaza like thieves in the night so that the […]

New RSS Feed To Geo-Engineering Watch

Last year I started posting about Chemtrails. I did so after it became undeniable that strange white trails crossed the sky over my house and Karioi mountain near Raglan. Ever since I started publishing about them the trails have increased in numbers and now not a day goes by that the sky isn’t subdued by […]


War From Above: Drones Over America… And New Zealand

Remember when a couple of years ago I mentioned that the NZ Army had drones high on their list of  “must haves” and then they got some and it turned out NZ was en route for US army drones? Drone aircraft, which we first heard of as weapons of war used by the United States […]

Asset Lootings Are A Great Success!

Once again the some Standardistas on the whole think that the asset sales are a failure proving once again that they haven’t got a clue about who John Key really is and why the asset lootings sales from his point of view are a huge success. Just like in the US, UK, Greece, Italy and […]


Wetiko, Malignent Egophrenia, Our Communal Nightmare Or Why I Need To Spend Time In My Own World

The concept of Wetiko or Malignant Egophrenia or how we are all infected with a mental virus that destroys our spirituality, soul and Psyche. A virus which is contagious and which has those affected worst by it act in the most extraordinarily (self) destructive ways.


Toxic Shame: The Devil’s Tool Of Choice!

If there is such a creature, the Devil could not have conceived of a better tool: Toxic shame. The shame of secrets, the shame that makes people weak and manipulable. The shame that poisons mind and corrupts. The shame that makes you hide and separate from others. The shame that makes you want to forget […]

Fukushima, Radiation and why Global nuclear Annihilation just won’t go away

An acquaintance of mine, a local farmer who compared to many Kiwi’s is a politically aware and active man said when I mentioned Fukushima in a conversation when I mentioned Fukushima: “Oh, is it still leaking?” in what might easily be the biggest understatement in the history of humankind. Leaking implies a vessel still very […]

Unrelenting Global Economic Crisis: A Doomsday View of 2012

The only things not taken into account in this article is what would happen if Ron Paul (whom I don’t necessarily agree with on his National policies) we’re to win the election if he was allowed to run, or the military constraints stopped the wars from happening which is not entirely impossible seeing as the […]