Monsanto and blackwater (Xe) a match made in hell

Monsanto ‘There is no need for, or value in testing the safety of GM foods in humans’ Corporation has acquired the private mercenary company Blackwater (Xe) and if that doen’t scare the bejesus out of you you have not been paying attention!

On voting tomorrow!

I have done my utmost best to bring to the citizens of this beautiful country the ugly truth about international Finance and John Key’s very, very close connection to it and while I wish I had reached more people I know I have reached thousands of new readers over the last couple of weeks and […]

China calls for new global reserve currency!

The Chinese elite was represented for the first time at the last Bilderberg meeting. The Bilderberg group has been working on a global currency for a long time and with the entire Eurozone collapsing and the US dollar on its last legs now would be an excellent time to assert that wish. What does it […]

All you need to know about who’se running the planet.

In my previous post I outlined who John Key is getting his orders from. Here is some more information about who they are and how they work. David Rockefeller puppet master extraordinaire Global Power and Global Government: Evolution and Revolution of the Central Banking System Part 1 Origins of the American Empire: Revolution, World Wars […]