Standard & Poor announced the next phase in the push for a global currency.

In order for the financial elite to proceed to the next phase; a global centrally controlled currency which will enable them to take total global control they must collapse the Euro and the Dollar. This is the Hegelian dialectic model of problem crisis solution. So it should come as no surprise that while the German […]

China calls for new global reserve currency!

The Chinese elite was represented for the first time at the last Bilderberg meeting. The Bilderberg group has been working on a global currency for a long time and with the entire Eurozone collapsing and the US dollar on its last legs now would be an excellent time to assert that wish. What does it […]

The Tower of Basel: Secretive Plans for the Issuing of a Global Currency

In an April 7 article in The London Telegraph titled “The G20 Moves the World a Step Closer to a Global Currency,” Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote: “A single clause in Point 19 of the communiqué issued by the G20 leaders amounts to revolution in the global financial order. “‘We have agreed to support a general SDR […]