Max and Stacey and Catherine Austin Fitts on Gina Rinehart and the Killer Class

Here are Max Keiser and soon to be wife Stacy Herbert on Gila Monster Gina Rinehart and her God complex and Max and Catherine Austin Fitts on the Killer class and the rest of us who are not allowed to kill and yes, if you equate the Killer Class with the .001% you can pass […]

Journalist = Entrepeneur. Confused? Welcome to the Main Stream Media!

It may have escaped your attention but Fairfax just lost three of its main editors. Fairfax of course owns the entire Main Stream Media in New Zealand and with the demise of TVNZ 7 that means only on corporation is in charge of the News with a bit of TV owned by a Canadian corporation. […]

The first MR NEWS Counter Spin online TV broadcast.

This is the recording of the first MR NEWS Counter spin TV broadcast online. I talk about DJ John Key’s illegal political 1 hour ad and the seizing of fairfax media ltd by mining billionaire Gina Rinehart giving her a totally controlled mainstream media platform to manipulate public opinion on the mining issue.