Greece, Portugal, Italy… Germany?

It should come as no surprise to wake up to another bail out for Greece. Not to  do so would spell the end of the entire global financial system after all and the Greek government knows this. Neither should the continuing and worsening crisis in Portugal raise any eyebrows and rest assured in a couple […]

Greece Politely Declines German Annexation Demands

That didn’t take long did it? What’s next? Without the annexation there is not going to be a bail out so prepare for the collapse of the Global financial system when Greece defaults and Portugal, Italy and Spain follow. Following yesterday’s frankly stunning news that the Troika politely requests that Greece hand over its first […]

Scotland Yard swoops on squatters ‘planning to disrupt Royal Wedding’

You vill not demonstraaate against the Germans ruuuling your countrieeee!!!!! So here is Charlie Veitch from the love police one of those arrested calling for all of you in England to go to London and demonstrate. Twenty people were arrested today as Scotland Yard launched dawn raids ahead of the Royal Wedding amid fears […]

US to Lose Financial Superpower Status: Germany

Germany blamed the United States on Thursday for spawning the global financial crisis with a blind drive for higher profits and said it would now have to accept greater market regulation and a loss of its financial superpower status. AP In some of the toughest language since the crisis threw Wall Street banks into financial […]

911 was a false flag operation

Germany has a unique experience. They were manipulated into the third world war by a series of False Flag operations. The Reichstag fire, and an staged attack on a German radio station by German soldiers dressed as Polish peasants was al it took  to get the German people frenzied enough to follow their dear leader […]