Judge says Obama must appear in ‘birther’ suit

This could be interesting! WASHINGTON — A judge in Georgia has ordered President Barack Obama to appear in court this week in a lawsuit challenging whether he is a natural-born US citizen qualified to be president. The latest case was spawned by the so-called “birther” movement that has made claims — which have not been […]

Georgian opposition says Saakashvili family embezzled $90 mln

just a little update sbout the situation in Georgia. 13/01/2009 17:08 TBILISI, January 13 (RIA Novosti) – A member of Georgia’s opposition Labor Party on Tuesday accused the family of President Mikheil Saakashvili of embezzling some $90 million from the state budget. Kakha Dzaganiya said the money was intended to provide medical insurance for people […]

Saakashvili: we started the war

Taking back unruly areas is not done with brutal genocide. Saakashvili needs to be tried for war crimes. For the first time ever, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili has admitted that his country started the military conflict in South Ossetia in August. But the Georgian leader is adamant the action was justified. He was testifying before […]

US Military, MPR Trained Georgian Commandos Before South Ossetia Invasion

The US military provided combat training to 80 Georgian special forces commandos only months prior to Georgia’s army assault in South Ossetia in August. The revelation, based on recruitment documents and interviews with US military trainers obtained by the Financial Times, could add fuel to accusations by Vlad­imir Putin, Russian prime minister, last month that […]

Photographic Evidence: US has been training Georgian troops in what has been called “Sabotage” by Moscow

Oh ooops. It turns out the US was training the Georgian troops to build roadside bombs. On September 14, 2008 a truck of Russian peacekeepers hit a roadside bomb in Abkhazia. It is not plauible that the Abkhazians are behind these attacks. Abkhazia wants Russian peacekeepers in its territory. The Abkhazian government blamed Georgian special […]

US military trained Georgian commandos

The US military provided combat training to 80 Georgian special forces commandos only months prior to Georgia’s army assault in South Ossetia in August. The revelation, based on recruitment documents and interviews with US military trainers obtained by the Financial Times, could add fuel to accusations by Vlad­imir Putin, Russian prime minister, last month that […]

USS Mount Whitney arrives in Georgian port of Poti

SEVASTOPOL, September 5 (RIA Novosti) – The third U.S. Navy vessel to bring humanitarian aid to Georgia arrived in the Black Sea port of Poti on Friday, a Russian navy source said. The USS Mount Whitney, which passed through the Bosporus on Wednesday, brought various supplies, including blankets, hygiene kits and baby food to become […]

U.S. to announce over $1 billion in aid for Georgia

By Susan Cornwell WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Bush administration will announce on Wednesday an aid package of more than $1 billion to help Georgia rebuild after its war with Russia over the separatist enclave of South Ossetia last month, U.S. officials said. The aid was to be unveiled as Vice President Dick Cheney began a […]

Allegations of war crimes begin to surface

As the last of the refugees returned to the war-scarred city of Tskhinval, the horrors they’d experienced while waiting for evacuation are gradually coming to light. A video filmed on a mobile phone, which appears to show Georgian troops firing on civilian buildings, has surfaced on the Internet. The video was apparently recorded by a […]

Cheney condemns Russia

The US as a whole has a vastly different opinion to Cheney aboutmany things I suspect. From 911 to Iraq the American population knows they have been lied to. They don’t want war, they don’t want empire and they want Chney and Bush impeaced. So to title this article: The US condemns Russia is incorrect. […]

Cheney starts four-nation tour in support of Georgia, Ukraine

Vice president Dick Cheney’s trip starting Sept. 2 was first announced by the White House Aug. 25 as the Georgian conflict spiraled into a contest over control of the Black Sea. Cheney, the highest-ranking official to visit Tbilisi since the crisis erupted in South Ossetia on Aug. 7, will also visit the Ukraine, Azerbaijan and […]

Georgia admits dropping cluster bombs

The Georgian government has admitted dropping cluster bombs in its military offensive to regain control of South Ossetia, reports Human Rights Watch. The international organisation says it has received an official letter form Georgia’s Defence Ministry that acknowledges the use of the M85 cluster munition near the Roki tunnel linking South Ossetia with Russia. The […]

Putin’s Ruthless Gambit

The Bush Administration Falters in a Geopolitical Chess Match By Michael T. Klare Many Western analysts have chosen to interpret the recent fighting in the Caucasus as the onset of a new Cold War, with a small pro-Western democracy bravely resisting a brutal reincarnation of Stalin’s jack-booted Soviet Union. Others have viewed it a throwback […]

The 2008 Crisis in the Caucasus: A Unified Timeline, August 7-16.

To reveal and analyze what actually happened, it is essential to have a unified version of key events. To achieve this objective, I have examined the detailed timelines provided on the web sites of the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Russia Today news service, integrating these with various Georgian, Russian, and international press reports. There are surprisingly […]

U.S. citizen was among Georgian commandos – Russian Military

A U.S. passport was found in a building in South Ossetia occupied by Georgian troops, a Russian military spokesperson revealed on Thursday. After Russian peacekeepers cleared the heavily defended building, a passport belonging to a Texan named Michael Lee White was discovered inside. Deputy Chief of Russia’s General Staff Anatoly Nagovitsyn showed photocopies of the […]

U.S. may have staged Georgian conflict – Putin

In an interview with CNN Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict may have been staged to secure a victory for one of the presidential candidates in the U.S. He says preliminary reports show that U.S. citizens may have been present in the combat zone. “We have serious reasons to believe […]

Israel ‘needs Georgia for Iran strike’: report

LONDON, August 26 (IranMania) – A recent report suggests that the US and Israel had plans to use Georgia as a launchpad for aerial strikes on Iranian nuclear sites, PressTV reported. Columnist Ian Brockwell says the US is interested in Georgia because it borders Russia, has a pipeline that is intended to transfer oil to […]

Motormouth Joe Biden – Warmonger, Wordmonger And Political Hit Man

Webster G. Tarpley Infowars Tuesday, Aug 26, 2008 WASHINGTON DC — The vice presidential candidate chosen to run with Obama is Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, a discredited, sleazy, and shopworn political hack — and therefore an anti-climax for all the callow and feckless youth who got the word via text message at 3am in […]

Cheney to visit Georgia amid Russian chill

Uh ooh, WW III in the making! CRAWFORD, Texas (AFP) — US Vice President Dick Cheney will visit Georgia next week in a show of support for the war-battered US ally amid a deepening freeze in Russian ties with the West, the White House said Monday. Cheney will become the most senior US official to […]

McCain’s neocon warmonger

I think I’m going crazy. I actually agree again with Pat Buchanan. Who is Randy Scheunemann? He is the principal foreign policy adviser to John McCain and potential successor to Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski as national security adviser to the president of the United States. But Randy Scheunemann has another identity, another role. He […]

War in the Caucasus: This is a tale of US expansion not Russian aggression

War in the Caucasus is as much the product of an American imperial drive as local conflicts. It’s likely to be a taste of things to come The outcome of six grim days of bloodshed in the Caucasus has triggered an outpouring of the most nauseating hypocrisy from western politicians and their captive media. As […]

Breakaway region asks Russia to recognize independence

(CNN) — One of Georgia’s breakaway regions has asked Russia to recognize independence, according to a report by the Russian news agency Interfax. A convoy of Russian armored vehicles pictured outside Gori Tuesday. 1 of 3 more photos » var CNN_ArticleChanger = new CNN_imageChanger(‘cnnImgChngr’,’/2008/WORLD/europe/08/20/georgia.russia.war/imgChng/p1-0.init.exclude.html’,2,1); //CNN.imageChanger.load(‘cnnImgChngr’,’imgChng/p1-0.exclude.html’); Lawmakers in Abkhazia approved the request from President Sergei Bagapsh, […]


Eric Margolis Foreign Correspondent / Defense Analyst & Columnist WASHINGTON DC- The Bush administration appears to have pulled off its latest military fiasco in the Caucasus. What was supposed to have been a swiftly and painless takeover of rebellious South Ossetia by America’s favourite new ally, Georgia, has turned into a disaster that left Georgia […]

Revisiting the “Battle of Tskhinvali”

By MIKE WHITNEY There are no military installations in the city of Tskhinvali. In fact, there are no military targets at all. It is an industrial center consisting of lumber mills, manufacturing plants and residential areas. It is also the home to 30,000 South Ossetians. When Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili ordered the city to be […]

Russia has called our bluff over countries we can’t defend

Forty years ago this week, the night sky above Prague began to rumble with the sound of transport aircraft. On distant frontiers, tanks lurched forward. The invasion of Czechoslovakia had begun. Today, there are Russian tank columns driving along Georgian roads. Again, a small country lies prostrate before the military power of the Kremlin. Poland, […]

Declaration of the Georgian Peace Committee

The Georgian Peace Committee declares asks World public opinion not to identify the current Georgian leadership with the people of Georgia, with the Georgian nation. Declaration of the Georgian Peace Committee Once more Georgia was launched into a situation of chaos and bloodshed. A new fratricidal war exploded with renewed strength on Georgian soil. To […]

U.S. troops still in Georgia

U.S. personnel responsible for training members of the Georgian military remain stationed inside the volatile country, where fighting erupted Friday between Russia and Georgia over the breakaway province of South Ossetia. The U.S. European Command said on Monday that there were no plans at this time to withdraw the U.S. military trainers from the country. […]

The Puppet Masters Behind Georgia President Saakashvili

By F. William Engdahl 8-12-8 The controversy over the Georgian surprise military attacks on South Ossetia and Abkhazia on 8.8.08 makes a closer look at the controversial Georgian President and his puppet masters important. An examination shows 41 year old Mikhail Saakashvili to be a ruthless and corrupt totalitarian who is tied to not only […]

“President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?”

Dumbed down by the Corporately owned Mass media New Zealander’s are let to believe that Georgia is a small country that without provocation was brutally attacked by the Russian army. Fed neo cold war drivel by the NZ herald and other News Papers the Kiwi smoko room is once again filled with the old spiteful […]