Investigator Commits Suicide, Lies About A (Non)Murdered Policeman And Plenty Of Journalist Hating World Leaders Defending Freedom Of Speech

The police commissioner investigating the Charlie Hebdo massacre apparently killed himself with his service gun just before he was going to write a report about the case. He suffered from work stress and burn out so we are told. I would think that whoever appointed the commissioner would have made sure the man could actually […]

The People From Gaza Are Trying To Help The People From Ferguson

To most New Zealanders Ferguson is an unknown name or perhaps the place where a bunch of black people looted a supermarket but to  some of us it could be the beginning of a revolution or all out civil war in the USA. Why? It is the  place where a week ago perfectly peaceful soon […]

Turkish Activists Prepare New Gaza Flotilla To Challenge Israeli Blockade

The last time they did this 9 activists where killed. Israelgot away with it because the world was still for the most part oblivious to the Israhelly crimes. Now not so much anymore. The world is waking up and we know what Netanyahu and his genocidal Zionist criminal gang are up too. —————————— A Turkish […]

Please Share This Speech From Dr Mads Gilbert About The Genocide In Gaza

Dr. Mads Gilbert from Tromsø, Norway (Twin City with Gaza City), was working at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza during the last Israeli onslaugt on Gaza. When he returned from Gaza to his home-town Tromsø on July 31 2014, he went straight from the airport to give this spontaneous speech at a large solidarity demonstration […]

The Emperor’s Rage: Let Chaos Envelop the World!

Couldn’t have said it beter myself. By James Petras July 28, 2014 “ICH” – Chaos reigns and spreads as enraged leaders in the US, Europe and their clients and allies pursue genocidal wars. Mercenary wars in Syria; Israel’s terror bombing on Gaza; proxy wars in the Ukraine, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia. Tens of millions […]

The IDF Bombs Hospitals And Mosques: Israel Is Doomed.

This morning I woke up with the above title in my head and I knew I wanted to write about how the fact that Israels IDF is now bombing hospitals and Mosques instead of Hamas military targets proves the moral bancrupcy of the Apartheids state of Israel. But then I found this article of Gilad […]

Some Photo’s Of Demonstrations Against The Genocidal Attacks On Gaza From Around The World You Won’t See In The Mainstream Media

Here are some photo’s of demonstrations against the Israeli attacks on the people of Gaza you won’t see in the  mainstream media such as the  BBC. This is happening in Tel Aviv, Israel right now as I write this and Israel is resuming the attacks on Gaza like thieves in the night so that the […]

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Arabs Don’t Hate Jews And Jews Don’t Hate Arabs Or Why You Should Go To Auckland To Demonstrate Against The Genocide In Gaza!

Update: Here is Max Igan’s call to end the violence and for all of us to get engaged in the fight against the Israeli war crimes committed in Gaza: Today at 2 o’clock pm there is a demonstration against the invasion and genocide of the people of Gaza. While I won’t be able to make […]

Netanyahu Orders Ground Invasion

According to the Dutch New Paper de Volkskrant Netanyahu has ordered a full ground invasion into Gaza to start. If this is true it is going to be hideous and brutal since the people of Gaza while warned to leave have absolutely no place to go. The news was published online on 17 July at […]

While Bibi Unravels So Does 9/11!

It seems some of the US Congressmen  finally are finding their balls back. It so happens they all have been Chairs of the 9/11 Commission and the Congressional Investigation Into 9/11. So while Bibi unravels in Israel and with him the entire murderous entity known as the IDF we may finally see some truth! Congressman […]


We Teach Life, Sir!

I know I have been slack. I thought it was OK to venture into making beautiful things and getting on with my life after eight years of blogging and spending some 6 hours or more a day online staring into the abyss and having the abyss staring back into me. I am tired. I feel […]

On Football Madness And Genocide Or Why I Don’t Give A Fuck About Grown Men Kicking A Ball For Millions Of $

When I was a child, I was speaking as a child, I was led as a child, I was thinking as a child, but when I became a man, I ceased these childish things. Corinthians 13:11 Aramaic Bible in Plain English I’m Dutch. This mere fact makes people at the moment very exited. It seems, […]

Ariel Sharon Dies. May He NRIP.

Ariel Sharon was a terrorist. He terrorized Palestinians. He terrorized his own people with the fear mongering he needed to justify his twisted, criminal and murderous outlook on life. He was kept alive to terrorize the people he terrorized in life. He has lived in purgatory for the last 8 years while his body was […]

Gaza media bombed by Israel

And this from our docile mainstream media who doesn’t seem t understand that it is not just Hamas the Israelis are bombing but the foreign journalists as well judging by the lack of outrage at this blatant war crime and attempt at trying to stop the world from learning what they are doing in Gaza:  […]


On Killing Babies, Illegal Settlements and Why I Won’t Be Buying SodaStream Products Any Time Soon

If like me you are driven to distraction by the photos of dead babies and women with their fathers and menfolk grieving over them and you are wondering what you can do to stop it here is one thing you might want to consider: A Boycott! I myself have to make no real sacrifice other […]

Freedom the cry as leaders vow to fight other walls

Good to know that “our” leaders have integrity. As far as I’m aware there is only one wall left in the whole wide world: the wall around the Gaza strip. Let’s fight that fucker!!! The key countries in the Cold War pledged yesterday to fight division and meet the new challenges of the 21st century […]

McKinney released, returning to United States

Cynthia McKinney’s mom said she’s learned that her daughter is on the way home. Leola McKinney said a friend who contacted the U.S. Embassy in Israel reported that the former congresswoman was released from Israeli custody and taken to Ben Gurion International Airport. “We finally got word that she was released,” Leola McKinney said late […]

Smile on the face of the tiger

By John Pilger At 7.30 in the morning on 3 June, a seven-month-old baby died in the intensive care unit of the European Gaza Hospital in the Gaza Strip. His name was Zein Ad-Din Mohammed Zu’rob, and he was suffering from a lung infection which was treatable. Denied basic equipment, the doctors in Gaza could […]

Sadly, Israel is no longer democratic

Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin and philosopher Asa Kasher, two respected men around here, published an article entitled: “A just war of a democratic state,” (Haaretz, April 24, Hebrew). A remark about the first part: There are wars that are necessary for self-defense or to fight injustice and evil. But the expression “just” is problematic when […]

Timeline of Gaza Marine Zone, Fishermen and Natural Gas Deposits. An Update

There is an historical connection between the Gazan community and the off shore fishery. In recent times some 3000 fishermen in over 700 boats made their livelihood in the waters off the shores of Gaza. Before 1978 when the fishing area included the sea off the Sinai coastline the area covered some 75,000 square kilometers. […]

U.S. shipped 989 munitions containers to Israel week before Gaza invasion

In the dying days of the Bush administration, and a week before Israel launched an aerial bombing campaign, followed by a land invasion of the Gaza Strip, the U.S. military shipped 989 containers of munitions to Israel. Each container was 20-feet long with a total estimated net weight of 14,000 tonnes. The shipment reportedly reached […]

MIDEAST: Aid Rots Outside Gaza

AL-ARISH, Egypt, Apr 15 (IPS) – Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of aid intended for the Gaza Strip is piling up in cities across Egypt’s North Sinai region, despite recent calls from the United Nations to ease aid flow restrictions to the embattled territory in the wake of Operation Cast Lead. Food, medicine, blankets, infant […]

Did Israel test new weapons in Gaza?

The Palestinian Authority is calling for an international investigation of the weapons used by Israel during its three-week assault on Gaza. There are claims so-called DIME bombs were dropped from drone aircraft. This kind of bomb is designed to produce an intense explosion in a small space. Mona Al-Ashkar, an 18-year-old Gaza resident, lost her […]

Israeli jets bomb Rafah

Israeli warplanes have launched fresh attacks on the Gaza Strip, pounding several targets across the southern border with Egypt. Witnesses told Press TV that they saw military jets bombing the strip on Monday, but no casualties have been reported. The Israeli military confirmed the attacks on southern Gaza, saying the airstrikes targeted the Philadelphi route, […]

Palestinian despair deepens ahead of elections

Ayub Srour wants Likud leader and long-time hardliner Benjamin Netanyahu to win. “At least he’s honest. He says he’ll expel us, and he will expel us. He says he’s slaughter us, and he will slaughter us.” My eyes stung, I was coughing, my nose was running. Along with cameraman David Hawley and freelance producer Kareem […]

Gaza Massacre Foretold in 2005: What May Come After the Evacuation of Jewish Settlers from the Gaza Strip

Well they weren’t far wrong where they? We feel that it is urgent and necessary to raise the alarm regarding what may come during and after evacuation of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip occupied by Israel in 1967, in the event that the evacuation is implemented. We held back on getting this statement published […]