The Kiwi Saver Scam Finally Comes Home To Roost.

Government: “We want you to give us a lump sum of your hard earned cash now. We will make it easy for you and print it out of thin air and you will pay us back with your tax dollar. We also want you to pay us say about 3% of your wages every month until you retire. We will put this money in a fund. We will call the fund you put this in Kiwi saver. A nice catchy name you can all identify with.

In fact we will make it easy for you. The moment you sign a labour contract your new employer will start the scheme straight away BUT no worries you can always opt out but really, only silly people do that!

We will appoint the financial specialists to invest your money for you. They are all banks or financial institutions of our choice and as you know banks and other big name financial institutions are reliable and will do their very best for you to get the best returns for you; the Kiwi saver!

You will not be told what they invest it in, when they invest it or who is really doing the investing.

These banks and financial institutions will charge a fee of course every time they invest or change from one to the other investment but that is to be expected! Don’t worry about those fees. You will only pay them at the end of your period of investing with Kiwi saver.
Here is the small print: You are the investor. You are responsible for your investments. If you lose money you will have less money in your account. If you lose the lot that is not our problem. You have been given the choice to invest conservatively, medium or high risk. Choose wisely even if we advice those of you under 35 to go high risk.

On Sky City, Gambling And Their Core Business; Real Estate.

If you ask Mr McDonald (Of Hamburger chain fame) what his main business is, he will tell you that it is real estate not the hamburger chips business. You see, McDonald’s buys land in under-developed prime real estate areas, builds a McDonalds on it and rents the place to a mug who will run a […]

Chemtrails: A Secret War

Here is an Italian documentary (English Subtitles) about a phenomenon called “chem” trails. These trails are not to be confused with con(densation) trails. The trails are  filled with chemicals, metals and polymers and serve a sinister purpose as is shown in this documentary.

Spain “discovers” 28 billion debt, Greece is becoming Schizoid and JP Morgan Chase is addicted to gambling

And while New Zealand wakes up to arguably one of the worst budgets in the last twenty years (Ruthanasia anyone) and even kids with a holiday job have to pay tax so the rich can continue getting richer while everybody gets poorer here is what is happening in the rest of the world. In a […]

Since when do I have to pay for somebody elses bets?

This morning our government guaranteed $ 1.5 billion to a privately owned fund to cover for its losses. That is some $ 375 for every man woman and child living in this country. This means that my husband and I have to cough up $ 750 to pay for bets we did not make. I […]

Banks face $10bn monolines charges

Oh oops John Key’s Bank Merrill Lynch just lost it’s triple A rating. I guess all that gambling with Bonds and derivatives the last 15 years and loosing all that money came around and bit them in the ass. Oh more oops, John Key worked for Merrill Lynch from 1995 until March 2001. During this […]