Deconspirare Necesse Est, A Journey Into The Underbelly Of “Perception” Management. Introduction.

The first time I encountered the term “Perception” management I was investigating the involvement of a highly aggressive individual in a local action group. He showed up at two crucial moments in its history and when he left, he left ruin, distrust, broken relationships and apathy in pursuing a very worthy cause. I found only […]

To All MSM Journalists: If You Don’t Use It You Lose It!

There are no public interest or free speech exemptions. Criminalisation of disclosure would apply to journalists working for commercial media organisations or wherever the leak was considered harmful to the “economic interests” of any TPP country. Here a nice little snippet from the newly leaked Snowden papers. You think what happened to Nicky Hager (Now […]

Is Mark Textor Working For Fairfax Or Is Fairfax Working For Mark Textor?

Last week when driving to a bigger town near me I did as I do not too often because NZ talk radio makes me puke more often than not, I listened to talk radio and this time my barf response reached a new high. Three gentleman, two of the elder Pakeha persuasion and a Maori […]

John Key times

Freedom Of Speech Curtailed In New Zealand: Vinny Eastwood’s Youtube Channel Shut Down

Vinny Eastwood an independent radio show host and journalist must have really got up someones nose. Yesterday he found his entire youtube channel shut down on the grounds that he apparently committed multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations. Vinny has been running this […]

Bomber, Gower And Lush Perpetuating The Crazy Conspiracy Theorist Meme Or Why I stand With Whaleoil

Patrick Gower ridicules Colin Graig, Cameron Slater Slithers from under his rock for more vile crap on his blog.

But as they say: I hate what you say but I’ll die for your right to say it!

Taken To a Psychiatric Ward for telling The Truth Ex-Marine Brandon Raub to Be Set Free!

Locking people up in Psychiatric wards because of their opinions has always been a tool of totalitarian rulers. To find this attempted in the US is only another sign of how far they have sunk towards totalitarianism and suppression. Thank the Gods for Judges such as Circuit Judge W. Allan Sharrett!  —————————————————————- A judge today […]

The end of free speech in New Zealand?

When Vinny Eastwood, host of the Vinny Eastwood show on American Freedom radio tried to exercise his right to freedom of speech on the streets of Auckland on the 11th of September he was confronted with a brand spanking new by law: No sharing of information on the public streets of Auckland. No pamphlets, no […]

Web sites could get film-style ratings

Why does this do nothing for my peace of mind? Oh oops yep, Family First and their homophobic “family first” mentality and their need to tell everybody else what we can and cannot see on TV. —————————- The kind of ratings used for films could be applied to Web sites in a bid to better […]