On Spying, Fonterra’s 1080 Scare And How Information Can Be Used To Manipulate Perception

On the 26th of January I attended a hui at a Marae. The hui was about the TPPA (My subject) and the controversial use of 1080 in important Kai Whenua areas amongst others. The people who did the presentation on 1080 and the effects of its use where Clyde Graf and Kathy White. Who, while […]

It’s OK, We can Do Whatever We Want! Just So Long As We Have No Intention Of Breaking the Law!

That new credo doesn’t include you of course. You break the law you go to jail, no matter how good or bad your intentions. Those simple aren’t included in the judgement but the NSA financed Sicherheits polizei GCSB? You can bet your bottom dollar that they can do whatever they want! Now run along nothing […]

Fonterra to stockpile powder mountain

At least 6 months ago my husband who works as an industrial electrician was send out to do some work in one of the Fonterra storage houses and he told me that the place was stocked to the roof and people working there told him that nothing was moving. Nothing moved!! That means that Fonterra […]

Farmers resigned to lower payout

Fonterra’s forecast of a reduced dairy payout this season has brought farmers back to earth after the boom times of the season just ended. The company has lowered its forecast from $7 a kilogram of milksolids to $6.60 for the season ending next June. The payout soared to a record $7.90 last season, earning the average […]

China scandal hits Fonterra hard

LATEST: Fonterra has taken a massive $139 million hit on the value of its San Lu business in China, following the contaminated milk crisis. The cooperative says San Lu brand has been destroyed. And Fonterra is reacting with shock to news from state media in China that the San Lu Group, 43 percent owned by […]

Months of lies as babies died

What can I say. I think at this moment in time I would not be a proud member of a cooperative that thinks it’s OK to help suppress information knowing children are dying because of the corporate interests vested in the Olympic games. Fonterra’s subsidiary, San Lu, lied for eight months to hide complaints about […]

‘Predator’ Fonterra in gun

“Predatory buying” allegations against dairy giant Fonterra have been lodged with the Commerce Commission. Waikato-based Open Country Cheese and the South Island company Dairy Trust, fledgling independents, told The Dominion Post their complaints alleged Fonterra was using its near-monopoly position to frustrate their efforts to get milk from farmers. The complaints centred on Fonterra paying […]