9/11 Is Still Going On And Won’t Be Forgotten.

For many the events of 9/11 are in the past. But if like me you have woken up to the horrible truth that the events could not have unfolded the way our rulers have told us it did and if you are aware that the wars, the millions of deaths, the destruction and the ongoing […]

On 50 Kinds Of Cancer And Why We Can Never Give Up On Finding The Truth About 911

A remark I often hear about my “obsessions” is why still go on about it. It happened so long ago! Well here is a good reason to keep on at it: eleven years later 50 forms of cancer have been added to the list of diseases the first responders can get compensation for. Just imagine […]

The Actual Victims Toll of 9/11

“Saddam never had any weapons of mass destruction but nevertheless, with the American invasion of Iraq, the Iraqis were destined to experience what it really meant to be bombarded with such weapons.” By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat   New Yorkers dumbstruck by the mysterious collapse of the towers on 9/11 It is still one of my […]

Still dying from 9/11: Toxic legacy of World Trade Center attack revealed as dust increases risk of cancer by a fifth!

People ask me why are you still busy with 911? It happened 10 years ago. Well this is one reason why I am still busy with 911! Study refutes Federal claim that there is no link between 9/11 and cancer Dust contained lead from 50,000 computers and mercury from light bulbs 60,270 people at risk […]

NYCAN: New York City Coalition for Accountability Now

To most New Zealanders the events of 911 are firmly placed in the past. Two Kiwis died in the attacks but they are forgotten and accepted as victims of 19 crazed Arab hijackers who flew three planes in to the twin towers and the Pentagon and the third was heroically stopped from flying into the […]

The Psychopathic shamelessness of Larry Silverstein

Larry Silverstein who famously told an interviewer that WTC7 was “pulled” (informal term for controlled demolition within the demolition community) in the aftermath of the collapse of the Twin Towers still has not made enough profit out of the misery that is the 911 attack. While more than 70.000 first responders and New York citizens […]

Congress Ends 9/11 Workers’ Health Care Bill

Last week the US congress voted a trillion dollars for the perpetuation of their madness in Afghanistan, Iraq and the perpetuation of empire. This week their going to pass a law to perpetuate their madness on Wall street by bailing the scheisers and their Ponsy scemes out for anywere between 700 billion to 5 Trillion […]

First responders and New Yorkers still dying from the attacks on 911

To understand how truly vile and despicable the US Government is you only have to look at the way they treat the heroes of 911. Remember those heroic men and women going to that pile everyday to help and to clean and to try to save whatever they could save? 50.000 first responders not just […]

Kevin M. Delano, firefighter and 9/11 rescue worker

Think about him and remember that at this moment some 70.000 Americans are ill and dying from the toxic dust they breated in on 911. Airplanes and small amounts of Kerosen do not pulverize buildings of 500.000 tonnes of steel and cement into a piroclastic flow of nano particles of toxic dust.The attacks are still […]

This is how the US government celebrates its real Heroes

Remember how does brave men walked into the clouds that were all that was left of the Twin Towers in New York on 911? Day in day out they worked, first to rescue than to find whatever there was left of the fallen so they could be buried with dignity. These 50.000 men and women […]

State Says Hundreds Of 9/11 Rescue Workers Now Dead, Admits Undercount

New York State health officials have released statistics indicating that 360 9/11 rescue workers have since died, but have also admitted that there is an overall undercount. The New York Daily News reports that of those deaths 154 have been explained and 80 have died of various forms of cancer, mostly impacting the lungs and […]