All used up? You’re on the scrap heap!

While news  emerges that if they can fix a blown off limb with an artificial one you get send back to the front no matter if you have PTSD (Nothing that an anti depressant can’t help after all) or have done multiple tours already. But if their done with you financial ruin and desolation await […]

Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion

In another case of secrecy and greed much like our National government the banksters (John Key anyone) refuse to give any details to their benefactors the hapless US citizens who after all gave the money to the Wall street scheisters as to what they did with the 2 Trillion they doled out to their scamming […]

$1 Quadrillion of Unregulated Debt At Core of Coming Derivatives Crisis

By John Tiffany Counting one dollar per second, it would take 32 million years to count to one quadrillion. Despite all the blather and swearing-on-the-Bible pronunciamentos from establishment “pundits,” our house-of-cards financial system is not fundamentally sound. Expect such indices as the Dow to tumble even much lower when the Pandora’s box of derivatives is […]