The Banks Own the Fed, and the Central Banks Own BIS

You know that the 12 Federal Reserve Banks are owned by private banksters. And you’ve heard of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), which is the “Central Banks’ Central Bank”. But you probably don’t know who owns BIS or how it is regulated. Spiegel provided the answer last month: The BIS is a closed organization […]

The privately owned Federal Reserve runs our Country

Our “own” reserve bank is not required to account to us. It is an independent privately owned institute and has no say over how banks operate. Why do we the people who after all generate the real world wealth with our labour allow a small amount of unelected individuals the control over that wealth? Last […]

Running On Empty

By Mike Whitney There’s a big difference between inventory-driven recessions and credit-driven recessions. An inventory recession is caused by a mismatch between supply and demand. It’s the result of overcapacity and under-utilization which can only work itself out over time as inventories are pared back and demand builds. Credit-driven recessions are a different story altogether. […]