How Erik Prince, Founder of Blackwater, Will Help China Subjugate Africa

I have  been following Eric Prince and his adventures fo quite a while now. In fact his frim Blackwater and his connection to the CIA and Rumsfeld and Cheney through his internship at the first Bush presidency was the reason I started blogging in the first place. Here is that blog for those of you […]

Erik Prince, head of US security firm Blackwater, ‘was CIA operative’

Ok, this dude is a billionaire, owns his own private army which used to go by the name of Blackwater and has been renamed Xe (No doubt because it is run by a Xenophobe) and he has been involved in some of the most notorious events in Iraq that we know of. His name is […]

Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder

For more detailed information about Eric Prince. The founder and head thug of Blackwater now called Xe but more commonly known as Murder Inc. please visit my “All you need is a crazy rich guy“. A former Blackwater employee and an ex-US Marine who has worked as a security operative for the company have made […]