Open Letter To Kim Dotcom: It Was Cognitive Dissonance That Made National Win

In the aftermath of the disastrous election results I decided to put my thoughts on paper in an open letter to Kim Dotcom. Kim Dotcom who has taken on the habit of penance for thinking that it was he who lost MANA the elections. I beg to differ. So here goes. Dear Kim, You don’t […]

Syria just had its first elections under the new Constitution

While the West tries to convince us that President Assad of Syria is a deranged dictator who has lost it and is killing the children and women of his subjects at an ever increasing rate with Steroid driven maniacs ((Viagra is so Gaddafi) here is what is really happening. While al Qaeda terrorists financed by […]

Wham bam thank you mam! The first day, the first foreign dick up NZ’s ass

All that  venality, anger, egotism that made you vote for National! Day one and you had the first foreign dick rammed up your ass NZ. But don’t worry by the time they are done with this country they will leave it forever. There will be no assets, no beauty, no clean unpolluted area left of […]

Greens vote could put Labour in Government – Key

Let’s prove him right! Prime Minister John Key has conceded National risk losing the election should the Green Party hold the balance of power. The Green Party captured 10.1 per cent in the latest DigiPoll, the party’s highest rating in the poll since the 2002 election campaign. With Labour floundering around the 30 per cent […]

Power point presentations!!!

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit slow with posting but to be hones I have been thinking about how to move forward. As a result I am currently working on several power point presentations on several subjects: Derivatives: Financial weapons of mass destruction. History and use of Derivatives translated into […]

Fraudulent Afghan Election Raises Odds Against U.S. “Success”

So if the Taliban were not involved in 9/11 and al Qaeda is now “spread” all over the Muslim word then why did we send New Zealand’s finest to prop up a corrupt government? The fraudulent Afghan election of last August 20th has delayed the possibility of a new regime taking over promptly to replace […]

Fired UN Official Peter Galbraith Accuses the United Nations of Helping Cover Up Electoral Fraud Committed by Afghan President Hamid Karzai

Ambassador Peter Galbraith, we want to thank you very much for joining us, joining us from Bergen, Norway. He was the top American diplomat at the UN, number two man at the UN in Afghanistan, just fired by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. His books include The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created a […]

Obama elected new president of the United States

Wow, America has voted a young black guy in as the 44th president of the US. Obama will inherit a financially bankrupt country, a morally bankrupt country and a country exhausted by two wars it can never win. What will the Americans get? A man who managed to win an election in one of the […]

Postponing the election: It’s a joke, or is it?

I so hope I’m wrong but I told friends that there would be no elections in November in the US. Thank heavens for the Internet; it’s put the surprise back in October Surprise. Here is the latest big-picture conspiracy theory, which has been gathering strength on the blogosphere the way a hurricane feeds on Caribbean […]