Ant Tribe China just like Ant Tribe US; the Best Education and No Place To Go!

Here is the link to the Al Jazeera site for a great Documentary about young well educated professionals in China who just like their US and European counterparts  can’t find jobs after they finished their university studies! (Sorry can’t embed it)

DNA sample to be taken from students before SAT college entrance exams

Get acclimatised to being a slave tagged and marked and in serious debt for trying to get an education. Standardized testing is a common method by which colleges and universities evaluate the competency of applying high school students. But an increasing amount of students are cheating on such tests, which has caused lawmakers in New […]

Tim Selwyn’s promotion of my site.

Last week the NZ blogosphere list had it’s bi monthly update. This blog rose from 69 to 48 and Tim Selwyn felt inclined to mention my site as follows: #48 Aotearoa a wider perspective – in this day and age of conspiracy this is the conspiracy HQ and I thought this type of thing would […]