On Greece, Grexit, International Banking scams And how it Connects To NZ ON Raglan Radio

At 9:30 am I’ll be talking in my biweekly radio spot on Raglan radio. This morning I will be speaking about the situation in Greece and how it connects to the financial system, John Key and the the NZ dollar to name but a few connections! You can life stream it here

Will Greece Take The Bankers Down?

George Osbourne the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer knows nothing about finance and a little bit about history from an empire point of view. He grew up as an entitled coke snorting prat and he feels justified to starve the Greek population in the service of the banker elite. Alternatively Dr Yanis Varoufakis has a […]

Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert on The IMF Or Why You Should Be Very Worried When They Give Us Compliments

John Key is happy that the IMF gives New Zealand Compliments. He should be because he is a banker and wants his ilk to thrive. But why should we be happy with the compliments of its CEO Christine Lagarde who in her  homeland France recently had her apartment raided as part of an ongoing investigation […]

Draghi and Bernanke’s Worst Nightmares Are About to Unfold and So Are Mine

When Draghi (Ex Goldman Sachs and CEO of the European Central Bank) and Bernanke decided that printing infinite billions of worthless digital numbers was the way to go they started the final countdown to the end of our current fiat financial system. Here is what their nightmare is. Mine is the billions of us who […]

Greece demands billions for German war crimes: Relations between EU partners plunge to a new low

This was an accident waiting to happen and trust me when I tell you that if being German could get you killed in Greece since WWII, now is definitely not the time to  go to Greece for a holiday if you are German! Greece has threatened to hit Germany with a bill for tens of […]

The German Economy Tanks, The ECB Throws Gasoline On The Fire, And Eurozone Bailouts Enter Phantasy Land

Slovenia joined the Eurozone in 2007, went on a borrowing binge that blind bond buyers eagerly made possible, dousing some of its two million people with riches, creating a real estate bubble that has since burst, and driving up its external debt by 110%. And in October, it may go bankrupt, admitted Prime Minister Janez […]

The European Central Bank Fiddles While Rome Burns

By one of my heroes Ellen Brown, writer of Web of Debt. “To some people, the European Central Bank seems like a fire department that is letting the house burn down to teach the children not to play with matches.” So wrote Jack Ewing in the New York Times last week.  He went on: “The E.C.B. […]

ECB slammed as Europe crumbles

The economies of Germany, France and Italy all contracted in the first quarter and may now be in full recession, shattering assumptions that Europe would prove able to shrug off the effects of the credit crunch. Zapatero has called his cabinet back to Madrid The picture is darkening so fast in Spain that Prime Minister […]