New RSS Feed To Geo-Engineering Watch

Last year I started posting about Chemtrails. I did so after it became undeniable that strange white trails crossed the sky over my house and Karioi mountain near Raglan. Ever since I started publishing about them the trails have increased in numbers and now not a day goes by that the sky isn’t subdued by […]

The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: “Owning the Weather” for Military Use

By Prof. Michael Chossudovsky Weather Warfare The significant expansion in America’s weather warfare arsenal, which is a priority of the Department of Defense is not a matter for debate or discussion. While, environmentalists blame the Bush administration for not having signed the Kyoto protocol, the issue of “weather warfare”, namely the manipulation of weather patterns […]

Panetta, Earthquake drills in Auckland and military Vehicles Seen Leaving The Day Before or Let’s Hope The Drills Don’t Go Live!

A Facebook friend pointed out that tomorrow there will be Earthquake drills in Auckland. In fact they are advertised as the biggest Earthquake drill ever. For those of you reading this blog you might be aware that the Earthquake in Christchurch was preceded by an influx of American politicians and a convenient medical convention and […]