If we devalue the punishment system does that mean we’ll reintroduce the Guillotine for the real bad crimes such as plunder and looting on a biblical scale?

According to Andrew Neilson we are devaluing the punishment system by sentencing 16 olds for stealing two scoops of ice cream to go to prison for 6 months or 20-22 year olds for 4 years for making drunken jokes “inciting violence” on facebook which didn’t even happen as a result of that joke! This means […]

Three strikes policy announced

Oh goody, now all we need is to privatise the prisons and somebody will have a nice little earner. Repeat violent offenders will not be eligible for parole after their third offence, the Government has this afternoon announced. Prime Minister John Key told reporters that an agreement with the ACT Party had been reached and […]

First cops armed with tasers

More than 500 people died last year after they had been tasered in North America alone. People have been tasered for sitting in the wrong place at a football game,  getting irate and anxious after being held for long period on airports, for asking pertinent questions of politicians and for not complying with unlawful requests […]