Finally they’re getting it. John Key and his ministers are openly lying scumbags!

Wow! Today an article appeared on and it was remarkably candid for a MSM article. It was called: this Government is brazenly deceitful And a good read it is too except of course to call them deceitful is an understatement. They are openly looting and breaking the law and knowing they can get away […]

I like Hone and why he should stay.

I don’t know the man personally but hope to one day shake his hand. I like his stance, his total disregard for political speak and his brutal honesty. Which is funny since I am as white and middle class as it comes and my ancestors were responsible for the word “apartheid”. But compared to the […]

The Tsunami that wiped Bill “double Dipton” English of the front page

Bill must be thanking his double dipping lucky butt for the Tsunami. It hurled him of the front page in one foul swoop. I acknowledge that the Tsunami is a disaster and newspapers should rightfully dedicate a part of their front page to the developments in Samoa. Time and space should be given to the […]