Is The SAS Already Deployed?

I had the opportunity to speak for the Kaumatua of a Marae about the subject of the TPPA recently. We talked about that and the military connection. That being John Key signing a brand spanking new partnership in June 2012 with NATO.  With that on the table we also talked about John Key pondering the […]

John “TTPA” Key Visits the Sultan. Brunei’s Sultan, Obama And The CIA Go Back A long Time

After staying with the Queen of England it seems that John “the Smiling Assassin” Key has taken on several International roles rather than being what he should be: The democratically chosen servant to the new Zealand people who should be protecting our best interests instead of kowtowing to his bankster masters. He was for example […]

Cheney lawyer claims Congress lacks power to conduct oversight over vice president

Just in case you still thought America is a Democracy John Byrne ‘I trust you will not turn your back’ on respecting Congress, Democrat says In what appears yet another effort to strengthen his position in the executive branch, the attorney for Vice President Dick Cheney said in a letter released by Congress Thursday that […]