Are They Using A New Type Of Nuclear Weapons in Syria Or Why We Really Don’t Want To Send Soldiers There!

With dangerous looking Maori Muslim activists and mad looking Pakeha Muslims on the front pages of our corporate owned MSM we are being prepared for anti activist terrorism laws and our participation in another illegal war of aggression against Syria ISIS. Here is John Key preparing us for a major speech tomorrow. I’m sure there […]

Poem: In The Land Of The Ancients

A friend of mine shared a poem with me and with her permission I thought I’d share. It is something to ponder while our masters sell our assets and destroy our environment. What do you do to stop it! In the Land of Ancients By Vera   In the Land of Ancients, before the end […]

Seabed Mining Coming To A Sea Near you!

Published on Oct 31, 2013 Donate: New animation highlights the risks of experimental seabed mining for the Pacific region Papua New Guinea has already suffered some of the worlds worst mining disasters . Foreign companies have polluted our rivers, destroyed communities and caused a violent civil war. Now Nautilus Minerals wants to dig up […]

Raglan Is Angry. Not Once, Not Twice But Three Times!

To the casual observer such as your average JAFA who visits on a weekend, Raglan might be a quaint, somewhat rustic town with a curious but laid back mixture of locals, both Maori and Pakeha, with overtones of ancient hippiedom mixed with an eclectic assortment of people of all cultures, countries and walks of life […]

The weight of Chains: US/NATO Destruction of Yugoslavia

I lived in Europe at the time this happened and visited the country afterwards. It is only through talking with people who live there that I became aware that the propaganda we were fed in the West was exactly that; Propaganda! Here is a full length documentary about what really happened during those years:

Is Wal-Mart Destroying America? 20 Facts About Wal-Mart That Will Absolutely Shock You

I make my own soap, clothes, bread, and after a year’s hiatus will attempt to make a year supply of cheeses again, I make my own bacon, ham, sausages, grow most of our own food and I love it. I know what’s in my soaps (Down to an excellent dish washing machine powder) feel a […]

NZ Asset Sales Policy Began On Wall Street

And another Kiwi gets it. Clutha river is also on the block for more destruction and dam building but what makes it clear in this article is that just like with the planned West coast seabed mining, fracking, Christchurch’s rebuilding monopoly of Fletcher all roads lead back to John Key’s connection with Wall street and […]

Christchurch’s destruction one year ago

Today will be a day of sadness as we remember the horrific Earthquake which destroyed Christchurch and the 5000 or so aftershocks keeping the horror alive for it’s inhabitants. I hope that one day we will know the full story of what happened on that day because a lot of questions remain but for now […]

Wham bam thank you mam! The first day, the first foreign dick up NZ’s ass

All that  venality, anger, egotism that made you vote for National! Day one and you had the first foreign dick rammed up your ass NZ. But don’t worry by the time they are done with this country they will leave it forever. There will be no assets, no beauty, no clean unpolluted area left of […]