FOIA video with clearly audible explosion before the collapse of WTC7

A second version of the this video has emerged from the FOIA cache released this year after a court ordered the release of the video’s. Contrary to another version this video has an audio track with a clearly audible explosion just before the penthouse begins to collapse indicating the imminent demolition of WTC 7

This is No Recession. It’s a Planned Demolition

Working people are not being crushed by accident, but according to plan. It is the way the system is supposed to work. Bernanke knows that sustained demand requires higher wages and a vital middle class. But what does he care. He’s not a public servant. He works for the banks. That’s why the Fed’s monetary […]

Kevin R. Ryan: Demolition access to the WTC Towers

On occasion, the public has been asked by George W. Bush to refrain from considering certain conspiracy theories. Bush has made such requests when people were looking into crimes in which he might be culpable. For example, when in 1994 Bush’s former company Harken Energy was linked to the fraudulent Bank of Credit and Commerce […]

Downward movement of the North Tower

For all you engineers out there. It’s very simple. The laws of Newton were broken on 911. Watch this very simple video explain it to you. Do me a favour and give this link to engineering friends and architects and ask them to watch it. And if they do and if they realise that we […]

Urgent: Breakthrough in the Danish press. Unexploded Nanothermite found in the WTC dust

Better late than never. The late news program on one of the two most respected Danish television channels (TV2) aired an interview with Chemist Dr. Niels H. Harrit. In it he explains the find of unexploded chips of compressed Nanothermite. This material is a highly  secretive and very expensive demolition explosive only used by the […]