Trade ministers from a dozen Pacific nations in Trans-Pacific Partnership Ministers meeting post in TPP Ministers "Family Photo" in Atlanta, Georgia October 1, 2015.  REUTERS/USTR Press Office/Handout

Open Letter To National Voters: You Wanted This Deal, Now Live With It.

Dear National voters, Look at this bunch, long and hard. They are wearing their elite gang colors and when the TPPA activates you are going to start wishing for the days of the biker gangs. Them’s sweethearts compared to this lot. You will long for the days that all you had to complain about was […]

On Hubbard’s Suspicious Death and The Cover Up!

A very important interview from Vinny Eastwood with Paul Carruthers who was in close contact with Alan Hubbard when they accused him of fraud with Canterbury Finance until his very suspicious death last year. Listen to the archived show here

Indian Rape Victim Dies After Brutal Rape and Organ Failure

What get’s me is the way the MSM describe what happened to this poor young woman who died in hospital of organ failure after an hour long brutal gang rape on a public bus in India. First of all where were those on the bus who could have helped this girl? Why didn’t the bus […]

Testing Party Pills On Dogs Is Necessary Says The One With the Grey Guinea Pig Living On His Head

According to associate (WTF is an associate minister) Health Minister Peter Dunne also known as Guinea Pig man because he has a grey one living on his head thinks that testing drugs on dogs because they may harm humans is OK, in fact it’s inevitable. Here is my two cents. I eat meat and I […]

Iraq’s missing millions: We sure liberated them!!!

From the Daily Mail Two young men look intently at the computers that control their slideshow. They don’t see the images that are projecting onto four screens fitted to the wall beside them. This is quite deliberate. They are solely for the benefit of their small audience. Besides, no operator could reasonably be asked to […]

The Taser Myth: How Does a ‘Non-Lethal Weapon’ Kill 400 People?

On Sept. 24, in Brooklyn, N.Y., a 35-year-old man named Iman Morales fell to his death after a 22-minute standoff with New York Police. Morales, who was described as “emotionally disturbed,” had climbed onto the fire escape of a building in Bedford-Stuyvesant, naked and waving a metal pole. Unable to talk him down, one officer, […]

Statesville suspect dies after Taser hits in jail

I’m sure he was not a nice man but these tasers eh, I thought they couldn’t kill. A Statesville man died after being shocked multiple times by Tasers at the Iredell County jail over the weekend, sources say. Anthony Davidson, 29, was unresponsive when he was taken to Iredell Memorial Hospital Saturday afternoon. He was […]