The IMF Thinks Robbing Your Bank Account Is A Great Idea! A 10% Bail-In Tax On All Eurozone Savings In The Making!

Are you ready to get Cyprussed? This is a story that should raise an eyebrow or two on every single face in Europe, and beyond. I saw the first bits of it on a Belgian site named, whose writers in turn had stumbled upon an article in French newspaper Le Figaro, whose writer Jean-Pierre […]

If It Happens It Happens In The Weekends

When I lived oversees and our little company was destroyed by a criminal who worked for a Russian who needed to launder about  $ 100 Million the lawyer letters, the court dates for yet another court case against us and the threats and bully measures would always come late in the afternoon on a Friday. […]

Next is Cyprus!

And here is the next one!!! PARIS — Cyprus on Monday said it was formally requesting a bailout from the European Union in a bid to bolster its struggling banks, making it the fifth euro zone country to request a rescue. The announcement came after weeks of concern that the crisis in Greece and a […]