Secrecy Jurisdictions, Crime, One Law For The 1% And One Law For The Rest Of Us

“Tax avoidance was only the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t really realize how much bigger the problem is. Really what wealth managers do extend much more generally to law avoidance. And that creates problems of legitimacy for whole governments. It’s bad enough that people think they are getting shafted because the rich aren’t paying their […]

Thousands in welfare cull as changes come in

This will be fun….. Drug-testing expected to cost up to 5800 their benefits, and 8000 others with arrest warrants also in jeopardy. Thousands of people are expected to be chopped off welfare benefits as sweeping changes in the social security system come into force today. The reforms represent the biggest upheaval in the welfare state […]

This from MSM NZ: Bankers Plundering Society and NZ Farmers In Too Deep On Swaps

Rob Stock doesn’t want to talk to me because of my blog. That is a shame because it would save him a lot of time and effort as I was writing about the international financial crime family a lot earlier that he but for what its worth I am totally happy with the fact that […]

John Key Doesn’t Believe in Accountability. He Doesnt Have To, He’s A Banker!

In light of these international crimes and the total lack of justice and accountability it should come as no surprise we can’t hold our elected officials accountable either. John is doing after all what he has always done. Do what you want as long as you can get away with it. No ethic or integrity required and with the support of the 1% he can not go wrong. Period!

Some more about the decomposition of the US of A

The decay of society is so much harder to quantify than economic decline is.  The government keeps lots of statistics on things like unemployment and inflation, but it really does not keep track of how sick and twisted people are becoming.  Most of us recognize that the character of the American people has changed dramatically […]

“I Will Never Do Business In The United States Of America Again”

From Washington blog: Two-Out-Of-Three Americans (66%) Believe the Federal Government Has Not Been Aggressive Enough In Pursuing  Criminal Behavior By Wall Street Bankers A poll last month from Rassmussen found: Two-out-of-three Americans (66%) believe the federal government has not been aggressive enough in pursuing possible criminal behavior by some Wall Street bankers …. Top economists […]

Private firms to tender for jails again

Both Tumeke and the Standard have commented on this in debt already and I just put it here because I think every New Zealander should be up in arms about this one because it is the privatisation of human misery and jailing human beings should never ever be a money making proposition. When money comes […]

Truancy parents face fine of $3000

Another brilliant idea brought to you by NActional. First you tax the poor so they have to work even harder to make ends meet and have even less time to watch their brood. Brood says fuck the system seeing his parents work their asses of for nothing. Brood ditches the educational (Only there to  make […]

Arkansas town imposes ‘martial law’ style lockdown

I sign of things to come in the US. HELENA-WEST HELENA – A neighborhood here is on police lock down, all over a $6, or maybe $8, debt. The feud started earlier this week, when a man recently released from jail refused to pay the money back to a neighbor, residents and authorities said. A […]