On Being Kane.

Yesterday someone going by the name of Kane left a comment basically inciting violence against the people currently in power. I don’t know Kane but when I told him I didn’t think his name was Kane he changed his moniker to “Kane is my name, take it up with my mother” effectively revoking his permit […]

Toddler terrorists what is next?

A three year old American kid with a broken leg in a wheelchair is now a legitimate target for the TSA and their groping minions. What gets me is that this guy actually thinks it is OK to grope a kid and the father while filming the incident to spread around no doubt forsakes his […]

John key: I was not afraid!

I would be petrified to meet with a group of people whom I had upset greatly with unpopular policies but John Key was not afraid. Apart from the obvious sociopathic disconnect here might be another reason why John Key was not afraid. Photo opp of American international bankster Mafioso anyone? I mean anyone can feel […]