The Filthy Rich Achieve Their Goal: The Poor Are Screaming For Global Tax Reform!

This weeks Panama Revelations meagre though they were, with only a handful of names released, got the desired effect. The world is screaming for more internationally coordinated tax rules. Obama is calling for international tax reform. Here is a what James Corbett and James Pilato have to say about the Panama papers and the pending […]

After All Is Done And Said It Still Is All About What Happened On 9/11!

As I have said before and will continue to say: 9/11 never stopped. The hellish events of that day continue to morph and metastasise in our world in ever more hideous and grotesk events of brutality, murder and the condense in ever more evil and unspeakable acts of terror to this day. And if you […]

Are We As A Society Suffering From Stockholm Syndrome?

Stockholm syndrome is a serious affliction. It occurs when victims subjected to prolonged captive situations bond with their captors. What is so intriguing is that the victims suffering from this affliction will often stay bonded to their abusers and even try to help them avoid punishment for their abuse. With 30% of the New Zealand […]

Obama, Putin… Obama, Putin? Two halfs Of The Same Shit Sandwhich, Which On Are You Going To Eat?

Let’s not forget that in the great chess game it’s the  banksters who finance both sides and win no matter what. Here is an interesting Corbett show which shines a moderating light on the MSM maligning and the alternative Media lionizing of Russia and Putin in particular.