And The Psychopath Said: “You Have No Soul!”

In their zeal to brand the Russian President the devil reincarnate the MSM Prestitutes quoted a man who by all accounts can only be deemed a Psychopath no matter what definition you use. Vice President Biden whose son sits on the board of Ukraine’s largest gas producer making his daddy a man with a huge […]


Oravida’s Chairman Plays Golf With NZ Prime Minister

But we’re not promoting a business here! Yeah right!!! By the way the whole Orivida site reads like a whose who of the National top On Friday 26th October 2012, Mr Deyi Shi the founder and principal of the Oravida Group of Companies, a passionate and extremely competent golfer, had the honour of playing golf […]

Never mind Banks how about John Key’s conflicts of interest?!

Should John Key sack John Banks for his lack of moral compass when it comes to accepting money for political influence? I think this is a clear case of monkey see, monkey do and John Banks is small fry when it comes to corruption. If you want to see some major league corruption you have […]

John Key has a conflict of interest. No kidding!

Today Labour’s broadcasting spokeswoman, Clare Curran pointed out that John Key had a conflict of interest because he chaired a committee which appointed his electorate chairman to the board of NZ On Air. While of course this is a real conflict of interest it is only one of many and it should come as no […]

Christchurch, Fletcher and Zombie banks…? Are John Key’s masters making a mint out of the Christchurch Quake?

Last week Christchurch Rapper Trillion drew my attention to a list of shareholders of Fletcher and with the news media writing about the old boys network finding cushy jobs for their offspring I thought it was time I brought out the information I was able to put together which shows exactly how incestuous the upper […]

With Bank Of America On The Verge Of Breaching $5.00, My Question Of The Day Is…

Update: Standard & Poor just downgraded the bulk of 37 Global banks here is the complete list. Guess which banks are on it! And we really think these banks have our best interest at hart?? That Bank of America is doomed is pretty obvious. They are too exposed to the inevitable global financial collapse, the […]

Mafia and Wall street, you can never leave!

Just the other day I had an interesting interaction on Kiwi blog. I thought it would be educational to give them the link to my open letter to Eugene Bingham. To my surprise one obvious John Key voter actually engaged in a more or less reasonable interaction which judging by the obviously mentally challenged troll […]

Acquiring Merrill Lynch: the Lure of Liar’s Loans

Merrill Lynch is the quintessential example of why it was common for the investment banks to hold in portfolio large amounts of collateralized debt obligations (CDOs).  Some observers have jumped to the naïve assumption that this indicates that the senior managers thought the CDOs were safe investments.  The “recipe” for an investor maximizing reported income […]

Simon Power, Westpac and another downright conflict of interest from a National Minister

Today it was announced that Simon Power would become the managing director of Westpac’s very rich peoples department. As some of you recall Simon Power announced a shock resignation in February this year and left many people wondering why as he was touted as the next PM for National if elected. Many people questioned what […]

Key: I’m a victim of a smear campaign

No John, getting caught lying and making a bundle because you did not divulge a conflict of interest is your opponents doing their home work. Lying is the issue here not the process of exposing them. What do you expect, Labour going to go into this election and not using your own dishonesty to gain […]